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Tijuana Baja California

Mark asks…

How does Royal Mail Airmail if package is sent to Mexico?

I live in Mexico at the moment and I have no idea how the system works here.
I just don’t know if they will deliver it to my home address directly or if they will deliver it to any post office in my area. I really don’t know about any post office or even if it’s a free service. I really have no idea where it’d be delivered to.
I’m searching about post office here at this moment as well.
So if they won’t deliver it to my house, where would they deliver it to?

I purchased a videogame on eBay, I live in Tijuana, Baja California
The service that the seller is using is Royal Mail Airmail, the seller assured they do ship internationally. He just didn’t provide me a tracking number since he said the service they use just won’t provide a tracing number, anyway thanks for the answer TrueblueRMC

Tijuana answers:

Royal Mail don’t deliver in Mexico, or any other country except the UK.

As with all national postal companies they pass it onto the destination countries postal service who will provide the normal service whatever that is.

Steven asks…

what plane do i take from california to irapuato guanjamato ?

Im african american , my fiance moved back with her mother for a while out there and i need to know whats my plane route , or the cheapest or even safest route to take . she drove to tj first , as in Tijuana then she flew from there i think she landed in leon . can you guys please help me !! ??? can i go to tj first then fly ? or should i fly from here ?

Tijuana answers:

Your first questions are correct. You need to drive or take a coach bus to Tijuana, and then take Volaris airlines non-stop flight to Leon, Guanajuato. From there you would take another coach bus over to Irapuato, Guanajuato. Click on the city Leon on the link below, and you will see the green line heading back to Tijuana, (baja) California.

Chris asks…

do u need teaching credential to teach english in tijuana baja california>?

ny 1 have any information about teaching english in tijuana baja california? how do you get hired? Do you need a teaching credential?

Tijuana answers:

That depends on where you want to work and what kind of salary you want. If it’s a school that is accredited by SEP (Secretaria de Educacion Publica) then probably you will need one. I teach in an American school in Hidalgo and have a life certificate from the state of Texas.

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