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Linda asks…

I always wanted to know what would happen if my mom gave birth to me is Baja California?

I was born in san diego and i was watching a thing about mail order brides, and that got me thinking, if my mom and dad were in tijuana and i deiced to make my debut there would i be a Mexican even though i was conceived in amercia, or still an amercian?

Tijuana answers:

If both your parents were American it wouldn’t matter where you were born you would still be an American.

Mark asks…

What does “hola soy Ana de tijjuana Baja California.” mean in english?

I don’t know Spanish and I am interested in what it means.
I know first word means Hello and other three words that mean the name of a place or places. But, I would like to know the full translation please. 😀

Tijuana answers:

It means: Hello, I’m Ana, from Tijuana, Baja California (FYI, That´s in Mexico)

Mandy asks…

what is the time difference from Mexicali, Mexico to California? Is it any different?

It’s 4:30 in CA. What time is it right now in Mexicali? This is Oct. before we are about to set our clocks back in California.

Tijuana answers:

DC Bob is correct. Most of the year, California and Baja California are in the same time zone. The exception is that Baja California starts Daylight Savings Time two weeks later than the US and stops Daylight Savings Time a week earlier. Those two weeks in the spring and one week in the fall, there is a one hour difference in time between California and Mexicali.

I am in San Diego, and I discovered this the hard way when I showed up for a dentist appointment in Tijuana an hour early last spring.

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