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Tijuana Baja California

Ken asks…

how well paved is the road from tijuana to la paz ?

i am thinking of taking a trip down to baja la paz .. should i take a car or should i take a truck?

Tijuana answers:

There’s a recent report from a great Baja California website below (halfway down) that will give you a direct answer. I have other related websites for a “second opinion”.
Whether you take a car (gas saver) or truck (alot of stuff?) is a personal decision.

Betty asks…

How Much Are Braces in Tijuana, Baja California?

…How much are they here in California?

Tijuana answers:

Ask an orthodontist in your area. The average price is 5k.(5,000) dollars

Carol asks…

What are the best restaurants in Tijuana?

I am inviting a friend and don’t have a clue on where to go

Tijuana answers:

Look here in this website, it helps a lot:

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