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Tijuana Baja California

Laura asks…

How do you call tijuana baja california?

Tijuana answers:

You pick up the telephone or cellphone and dial 011-52-664-XXX-XXXX for a landline or house telephone or dial 011-52-1-664-XXX-XXXX for a cellphone. By the way, my wife’s aunt in Tijuana name is Emma De La Valle.

Carol asks…

What are the best Italian and Mexican restaurants in Temecula, CA?

How about a great Irish pub?

Tijuana answers:

Italian Food? Try these out:

Vinces Spaghetti Express
28145 Jefferson Ave

Johnny Carinos Country Italian Restaurant
26478 Ynez Rd


Tacos Tijuana Mexican Grill
43810 Butterfield Stage Rd

Green Burrito
30680 Rancho California Rd

Baja Cactus Mexican Food
31285 Temecula Pkwy

You’ll have to do some driving for an Irish Pub. Here’s the closest ones:

Patricks Irish Pub
(858) 486-0764
13314 Poway Rd, Poway, CA

Branagans Irish Pub
(714) 447-3544
213 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA

Have a good one!

Sandy asks…

anyone know a good detox or rehab clinic in baja california.?

I am looking for a good rehab clinic in baja california, i am looking for a good one, the price does not matter, i have looked online but some of them seem like scams, the pictures look fake and other things. help would be apreciated.

Tijuana answers:

There are a lot of low-budget clinics that do Bible-based rehab for cartel members who want to be former cartel members. Not recommended.

On the other end of the spectrum are Una Nueva Visión, founded last year by Choices Long Beach, and two long-established clinics directed at the Mexican upper class.

Una Nueva Visión’s director relocated to Tijuana in order to manage the place personally; he applies innovative techniques and achieves very low recidivism. The other two are reported to function along the lines of the Betty Ford Clinic.

Any worries about these three being scams can be allayed by a personal visit. Una Nueva Visión is close to the Otay crossing; Clínica Nuevo Ser is on a hill between downtown and the beach; Clínica Reencuentro is in Rosarito. You can also check their credentials through the state’s Comisión de Arbitraje Médico,

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