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Tijuana Baja California

Daniel asks…

how much would a trian ticket to los cabos from LA or San diego cost? and how long is the ride?

cost and time spent traveling?

Tijuana answers:

There is no train that goes from California, USA to Baja California, Mexico. There are no passenger trains in Mexico except a couple of short tourist area ones in Copper Canyon. You can drive or take a bus to Los Cabos. See site below for a bus line that goes from Tijuana to Los Cabos. Trip takes 24 hours and costs $123.00 usd. There are buses from L.A. And San Diego to Tijuana, just check at the bus station. They should have info on other lines that also go to Los Cabos.

David asks…

Where’s a safe place to hang out in Tijuana?

Hey folks. I’m getting deported for cheating on Trivia Night. I need to know a place where I’ll be able to avoid danger and unsafe conditions and hostility and social ostracization and brass-knuckled fist bumps and pit bulls and gas chambers and stabbings and beatings and eye-pokings and necksnappings, and other wholly justified punishments befitting of a crime as heinous and vile and cheating on Trivia Night. Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

After you go over the freeway bridge (via rapida) from Calle de la Frontera and Calle de la Amistad, on bus is much easier, to Paseo de los Heroes, you will be in el centro de Tijuana. You can also visit Calle Technologica, south of the airport near the campus of Baja California, there’s a nice shopping center on the southside of the street. You can even try Calle Insurgentes, from la via rapida going east and exit Calle Clouthier headed north to Insurgentes, and before la rampa de Cetys, you can either hang out at the nice Parque Morelos on the left, go to the strip mall across from the Calimex store or go to the right at the large shopping center (centro commercial) where the Walmart is. I hope you meant this as a real question and not to read what kind of reaction U get

Donna asks…

Is Tijuana the biggest city in Baja California?

10 points thanks!

Tijuana answers:

It is the biggest city in Baja California.
There are five main cities, or rather muncipalities in Baja California and this is the order of their size in population.
1. Tijuana
2. Mexicali
3. Ensenada
4. Rosarito
5. Tecate

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