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Tijuana Baja California

Richard asks…

Traveling to Tijuana (Baja California) & I do not have a passport & unfortunately not the money as well !?

So my father has became in Tijuana Baja California I am an American and I am 20 years of age ! I have not went to Tijuana in over two years. I do not have a passport and unfortunately I do not have the money to get a passport shipped to me over night or let alone do the application as you all know times are very hard ! If i go to Tijuana with out a passport will i be held there? I do not see why though I am an American Citizen I have all the necessary documents such as my birth certificate and drivers license will I be fined ??? Someone please help !

Tijuana answers:

You will need an Enhanced Drivers License

Sandra asks…

Baja California?

Do I need a visa to enter into deep Baja California? Do I need a visa to travel from La Paz to the mainland?

Tijuana answers:

Baja California (Span.: bä’hä käl?f?r’nyä) , state (1990 pop. 1,660,855), 27,628 sq mi (71,576 sq km), NW Mexico, on the Baja California peninsula. Mexicali is the capital. A rapidly growing state, Baja California is a center of development for maquiladoras, foreign-owned assembly plants that produce finished goods for export to the United States. The plants are centered around Mexicali and Tijuana. Mexicali also serves as the center of a rich cotton producing area, while Tijuana is a noted tourist center and point of entry from the United States. Ensenada is the state’s most important port and is also a manufacturing, fishing, and tourist center. Baja California became a state in 1952.

John asks…

Typical dress of baja california…?

I’m doing a Spanish project and I can’t find the typical dress of the state. I’m guessing it’s normal except for the tribes there.. am I right?
im talking about current people there..

Tijuana answers:

Current dress types in Baja California will be the same as in California.

If you have ever been to LA that pretty much how people look in Tijuana( (or the rest of BC) … Maybe less Mexicans)

Most people in Baja wear pants, jeans, corduroys, blouses, t-shirts, etc just like the ones found in the US.

Right now you will have certain urban tribes like “emo” or “cholos” that are the same at any neighborhood of CA.

Typically many people in Baja go shop in San Diego. Or buy the same clothes in Tijuana at department stores, swap meets, or chains.

I don’t think there is a typical dress of the state. Not that I can see one.. So there you go your hopes of seing “Ranchera Lolitas” or “pantless nuns” is gone.

So if you are looking for contemporary typical Baja dress: you can present a t-shirt from Old Navy, pants from Levy’s, hat from Guess, and shoes by Nike.

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