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Tijuana Baja California

Joseph asks…

Does anyone live in Baja California?

If you live there, near there or ever visited there, please tell me your favorite aspects of the area as well as your dislikes. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Favorite aspects of Baja California are some of the hot women they have.

My dislikes, well let’s see: Tijuana’s sewage treatment plant spews out untold amount of meirda (that’s shit to you and me) just north of Baja Malibu; many of the coastal hotels near some of the reefbreaks south of Rosarito don’t really treat their sewage before launching it out into the lineup; there’s urchins at some of the reefbreaks; super hollow, board-snapping waves at Baja Malibu and Salsipuedes (when it’s big); giant waves at Killers on Todos Santos; the federales and local cops on shore looking for a bribe; the thieves and drifters on shore looking to liberate some of your stuff . . . Northern Baja’s about on par with most other developing country surf destinations as far as hazards go, except you can see the US from the top of the hill. The two most important tools you can have here are common sense and a sense of humor.

There are people who will never, ever surf Baja Malibu because of its proximity to that outfall — doctors have said hepatitis is very possible from surfing there. A new sewage treatment plan has been approved, but like most big industrial bureaucratic things, it’s going to take a while. Rosarito Beach is also not the cleanest. And after a rain, the whole coast becomes a kind swirling cesspool, filled with all manner of unwanted critters.

Charles asks…

Buying Xanax in Tijuana, Baja California?

I got prescribed Xanax for my anxiety but now I don’t have medical insurance and I was wondering if anyone knew how much it would cost to buy Xanax in Mexico? I live near TJ.
I know the consultation at a pharmacy is around $5 but I would like to know the price of Xanax in 1 month supply, 2 months and 3 month supply. Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

A doctor in Mexico is not likely to give you a prescription for more than a week’s worth. Government closely watches the distribution of controlled substances. No pharmacy is going to honor a prescription for 3 months worth…they will know it is fake because such large prescriptions for controlled substances are illegal. If you fins a doc or pharmacy that weill give it to you, it is probably fake. See page below and scroll down to section titled “Buying Prescription Drugs:.”

Lizzie asks…

What region in Mexico is Tijuana in? I am doing a class project.?

Tijuana answers:

Tijuana is in the state of Baja California.
Baja California is the only Mexican state in the Pacific Time Zone:

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