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Susan asks…

Rehab center in Mexicali, Baja California?

I have a cousin that lives in Mexicali, Baja California and she has become addicted to drugs and her mother wants to put her in a rehab center. My aunt has gone to look at a few rehab centers, but has been told by several people that they are very dangerous. My cousin is a 20 year old girl, so I would rather her be in a women’s center. If anyone personally knows of any rehab centers anywhere in Mexicali please let me know. Tecate would also be ok.

Tijuana answers:

I found several rehab. Centers in Mexicali, and three in Tecate, Baja California. I do travel to Tijuana and
Tecate occasionally, and have passed through Mexicali about 3 years ago. You can call these centers
first (in Spanish) to see if they help women and possibly see them later.

John asks…

traveling to tijuana, baja california?

okay my passport expired in 2008. and i just really couldn’t renew it because of my financial situation. but now im unemployed and i need to take my father to pick up some medication because his medicare isnt covering costs anymore. what would happen if i were to go and on the way back i show them my expired passport? i need to go today by the way. and im not going on an airplane. im driving there, i live in southern california.

Tijuana answers:


Someone with a brain who can answer this type of question truthfully.

I live in Baja and cross San Ysidro often, what Jim2 says is true, they will not and can NOT deny you entry. Do NOT attempt it more than 1 or 2 times or they will enter you in their computers as NON COMPLIANT and they can delay you for however long they see fit, but you will make it back in.

I have been told that repeat offenders can be fined, but I dont know this to be the truth.

Robert asks…

hotels in Playas, baja california mexico?

looking for a hotel near “Salon Social Alfa” in Playas de Tijuana.

Tijuana answers:

Av Parque Mexico 1027
Col. Playas De Tijuana Secc Jardines
C.P. 22500, Tijuana, Baja California
Tel.(664)680-9801, (664)680-1802

There are many hotels in Tijuana.
Call the Salon (see phone number above) and ask which ones are nearby.

(From the US, you’ll need to dial 011 52 before dialing the rest of the number)

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