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Ruth asks…

how can i find out if im legally married if I married in mexico?

25 yrs ago I married my bf in Tijuana. The marriage certificate was stamped Baja California. We were told by someone that if we didnt register in the states within 6 months that it the marriage would be null and void? But this someone was not reliable. Is there a chance Im still married?

Tijuana answers:

If you are legally married in another country, you are legally married in the USA. My parents got married in France and I have found no evidence that it was recorded in the USA.

Lisa asks…

How is it possible where you can hear a radio station from over 150 miles away?

I was driving in Rosarito Beach, Baja California (between Tijuana and Ensenada) and I was flicking through the radio station, and I was very amazed on hearing 92.3 from Los Angeles almost perfectly clear! What is this phenomenon?!?

Tijuana answers:

Radio Skip: Washington County Sheriff’s Office, July 1979
Weather and atmospheric conditions can do strange things to radio signals.

Radio “Skip” can consist of intelligent radio traffic between two points hundreds of miles away, that normally we would be unable to hear. Other times, it was a howling roar that came out of the radio speaker, covering local and distant traffic with equal severity. Typically, this occurred on the lower frequencies, rarely but sometimes it would affect the high-band channels in our case, the 150 MHz band. It almost never affected UHF Frequencies, for us the 460 MHz Band. On this day, it was affecting lo-band and high-band.

==> “Radio Skip”. Weather and atmospheric conditions can do strange things to radio signals, allowing you to hear radio stations at certain times due to certain conditions in the atmosphere.

I hope this is helpful.

Jenny asks…

Can i cross the border of tijuana mexico by car without a passport? ?

I want to visit family in tijuana mexico or better known as baja california this weekend and i currently do not have a passport.
Can i cross the border without a passport and instead use my california id and birth certificate?

Tijuana answers:

You do not need a passport to leave the U.S.
You do not need a passport to enter Mexico by land (driving or walking).
It is against international law to refuse a citizen admission to his or her own country.
Therefore you do not need a passport to reenter the U.S.

Here in Tijuana, thousands of people enter the U.S. Every day without a passport. Some don’t have any identification at all … But a birth certificate and DMV ID will make your return smoother.

There’s a FAQ on your question at

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