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David asks…

Baja California – Does anyone live close by there?

I’ve noticed that there’s been an incredibly large number of surface tremors there in the last week with several deep shocks every few hours. If you live by that area, have you felt the tremors? They range from a 2.5 to over 6 magnitude at depths from 6 km to over 300 km.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t typical, what do these shakes feel like every few minutes?

Are you frightened?
That would be cool if you could find out. Here’s a link to the shake map:

That’s a SCARY bugger!!
Very interesting what you posted. The scary thing about this “earthquake swarm” is that it’s all concentrated right around a holocene volcano – Cerro Prieto. I was reading a USGS report and they were saying it’s nothing serious and swarms are common, but if the activity starts moving north, that’s a bad sign. About four hours ago, there was a significant tremor about 125 miles due north of this activity. Other tremors have been going off north of it, but they seem to be increasing in frequency north.

I know…I’m a geo-geek! 🙂

Tijuana answers:

A 5.5 shake in the Richter scale shook Baja California on Friday at 11:12PM, about 18 miles SouthEast of Mexicali, and 100 miles East of Tijuana. The phenomena, which took place near the Cerro Prieto Fault, took place at a depth of 8 miles under the Earth surface. Just sixteen minutes later, another shake, this one 4.1 in the Richter scale, happened. These were followed for 25 smaller after-shake tremors, which lasted until at least 3PM on Saturday.

As a result, 400,000 people in the area were without electric power for one whole day and night.

Baja California suffers frequent tremors and light earthquakes as a result of the separation process that is taking place between the Peninsula and the Continent. Baja is located on the Pacific platform, while the rest of Mexico is on the North American platform. The Pacific platform is currently separating from its North American counterpart at a rate of approximately 6 millimeters per year or so they say.

Linda asks…

Nursing schools in Tijuana?

I’m thinking about going to Tijuana Mexico to study nursing either at Cruz roja or IMSS. I checked at the Californian accepted schools or something like that and those two are not there. Is there any other school or way to go back and get credit for whatever i did back in Mex?

Tijuana answers:

I found a larger nursing school, but at the Mexicali Campus not the Tijuana Campus for the University of Baja California, under Facultad de Enfermeria. You can also continue the search on the second website in Tijuana or Baja California.

Ruth asks…

I hear rumors of a video where a horse is having sex with a woman, is this true?

Tijuana answers:

Tijuana Mexico ( Baja California ) 1963, what I saw in Tijuana .stays in Tijuana……Yes, in answer to your question, as repulsive as it is….thank you

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