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Tijuana Baja California

Maria asks…

Getting prescription drugs in baja california, should I do it in Tijuana or Ensenada?

I’m going on a trip to ensenada to go surfing fishing, etc but im also im trying to get a 20 of 2mg alprozolam and 20 of 15mg oxycodone, do you have any idea how much they run? if 20 of 500mg vicodin runs me 15$ here in the states at cvs, how much would it be? should i purchase all this in Tijuana or ensenada? which would be cheaper?

Tijuana answers:

The prices are the same in both cities, everywhere except in pharmacies that cater to tourists. You are asking about scheduled drugs, so you should bring your U.S. Prescriptions for them as well as obtain Mexican prescriptions for them. Farmacias Similares keeps a medical doctor on staff in each pharmacy who charges less than four dollars for a consultation.

Mandy asks…

How many hours is it from Tijuana to La Paz, Mexico?

If we drive from TJ to La Paz Baja California how many hours would it take?

Tijuana answers:

It is 923 miles and a 22 hour drive. It is 1485 km and the speed limit for most of the way is 100 kms per hour. Beware the Cops are just waiting for you if you speed. There is the wait in Tijuana and school zones, small towns and speed bumps. Not to mention food and gas stops. Take a lot of Pesos with you as Pemex accepts cash only.
No Car Permit is required for the entire Baja. Your FMM assuming you are American will cost you 23 us dollars and you need a Passport Book/Card to get your FMM tourist permit.

Lisa asks…

Does anyone know how or who to contact at the Hospital Angeles in Tijuana Mexico? I need to get a balloon tak?

I need to get them to remove a balloon they put inside my stomach over 1 year ago. I am trying to locate a Dr. D. A. Leatherman from California. Anyone have any information?

Tijuana answers:

Some of your information is confusing. This area is Travel Mexico.
This Dr. D. A. Leatherman is he from California, USA or from Baja California, Norte, Mexico?
Suggest your revise, or maybe better yet. Cancel and then re-write.

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