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Tijuana Baja California

Steven asks…

How close is Tijuana Baja California from San Diego Alta California ?

Tijuana answers:

You can cross walking

Sandy asks…

Any Vegan Markets in Tijuana Baja california Mexico?

I am moving to TJ soon and the only problem is that i am vegan.
I dont know if ill be able to find the products i want like tofu, soy product, ect.

Do any of you know a market or store like this?

Tijuana answers:

Try Costco which is right there as soon as you cross the border! Or you can try the WalMart they just built.

Another place is “Mercado Hidalgo” it’s like a farmers market; I really don’t know how to explain where it is but just as any body for those places cause they’re the only ones there

Susan asks…

movers from tijuana mexico to zacatecas?

ok so my dad is planning to move to mexico soon and we need movers to move our stuff to tijuana baja california to zacatecas , zacatecas or close to there eny suggections

Tijuana answers:

In our local (Tijuana) yellow pages, there are twenty-three pages of movers. As you look through the listings, “mudanzas nacionales” and “servicio a toda la república” are the phrases that describe your sort of movers.

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