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Tijuana Baja California

James asks…

do you have to pay to cross the us border to Mexico without a passport?

I have my EXPIRED passport, ID, and my birth certificate. Also my latest report card. I was just wondering if I can pass like that (to Tijuana, Baja California) without being charged a fee. Only me and my brother don’t have passports. Thanks!!!

Tijuana answers:

You. Need. A. Passport. To. Go. To. Mexico. So. Go. Get. A. New. One.

Chris asks…

What is the best city in Baja California?

I’m looking to buy property in Baja California. I am an American, and yes I know it’s difficult but I know there are loopholes.

My question is: What city would you recommend and why?

I’m single, but would like an area safe for families as I have a large family that will be visiting often.

Tijuana answers:

Well first let’s not forget that there are two different states in the baja peninsula, one of them is Baja California Sur (south) and the other one’s Baja California (plain).
Now, there are only 2 real-size cities in Baja California, Tijuana and Mexicali. The best of those is the later but make no mistake, both are border adjacent and that makes them far from being good places to live at. Authorities are nothing but ugly pustules. Crime is ubiquitous (meaning that even if you were to move to an exclusive expensive area, you could not trust your super-wealthy neighbors because they’d turn out to be with some drug cartel or something). Now, the advantage would be if your family lives say in California or Arizona, they’d only have to cross the border and shazam! You’re there. But that’s it, and believe me, I can tell.
Now, Baja California SUR is a completely different deal. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (together known as “Los Cabos”) for example are the cities of choice for many retired “gringos” and thats because of 10 and a half months of great weather, friendly people, super-nice high-end neighborhoods with 24hr surveillance and the fact that english is the non-official second language there.
Another city in that state (the only other one) is La Paz. The name says it all (La Paz means “Peace”). This place is unique in Mexico, it has many beautiful unmolested beaches within a 25 mile radius, the food is awesome and cheap, they do have their own decent-size airport, the crime is somewhat low and there are many nice neighborhoods to move in. Yes, there are gangs, tons of “cholos” all over the place but the difference is they won’t kill you for your wallet, they live only to beat eachother. In a nutshell, La Paz is a great proper city with all that’s required but without being too artificial. Oh I wish I’d live there.
Los Cabos is not bad tho.
Your Pick.

Lisa asks…

Is it safe to drive my mercedes in tijuana?

I want to explore baja california. I am afraid of driving down there in my mercedes. Being its a new model. I want to go down there and u know just explore but my car is a newer mercedes will i be safe or should i rent something else or buy. I was thinking of maybe buying a cheap car or an older jeep. I know the news only report the bad but is it safe?
What can I do to make my trip safer. I do speak fluent spanish.

Tijuana answers:

It would certainly be better to drive an old beater…it is also far better for a female not to go alone. You may have no problems…but there is no sense in making yourself attractive to criminals or to look vulnerable.

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