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Tijuana Baja California Airport

Charles asks…

What to do in tijuana airport for 12 hours?

Anything to keep me busy

Tijuana answers:

Probably eat (grill and bar), sleep, read or shop. If you wish to go down the street, you have the University of Baja California on Calle Technologica or check out the second website; enjoy your layover.

Carol asks…

Where’s the best place to live in Mexico?

A small town or city in Mexico that’s safe and in general, a nice place to live?

Tijuana answers:

If you are looking for the traditional mexican town, go to san miguel de allende(kind of a magic town, some near to mexico city, pretty popular among foreign people), or cuernavaca (just next to mexico city “the ever spring city”), or alamos (8hr diving from arizona, magical colonial town, peaceful life, cultural fest every january, private aviation working airport)

if you are looking for a beach, you should first take a look to san carlos (4 hours driving from arizona, an extremely peaceful town, san carlos is a Satellite city from guaymas port(cruises arrivals), but san carlos was developed to the foreign market, skiing, diving, sailing, golf, spa, club med, marina clubs, nightlife, in a secure and good taste environment . An important canadian pupulation). Also you can look at rosarito in baja california, almost the same amenities from san carlos, but next to tijuana. Don’t think anymore about acapulco(high crime, very polluted beaches) or cancun (it has become a spring break spot, so not peace at all).

And if you are looking for mountain towns, your first option should be creel at chihuahua (magical town, snow every winter, lake at 3 miles away, woods, and you can get there by train in a magical tour you will never forget, traveling at places where roads can’t), the next one is valle de bravo (the refugee for wealthy mexicans, cool summers, amazing town sourrounding the lake, a very personal lifestyle exclusive to the residents, valle de bravo is magical, but a litlle bit expensive)

Sharon asks…

Does the Philippines remind anyone else of an “Asian Mexico”???

Think about Spanish first & Last names,”Barrio Fiestas”.Spanish style buildings & Architecture, Tamales,Spanish rule & fight for independence. Many words are in Spanish & they have karoke in Spanish. And certain other things.What do you think??

Tijuana answers:

On my first visit to the Philippines I was like deijavu.

The minute I road off from the airport in Manila, I swear I thought I was In Tijuana Baja California Mexico.

Manila reminds me so much of Tijuana and Mexico City.
The province of other tropical areas of Mexico.

I have experience both the Philippines and Mexico and I can truly say that there are too many similarities between them to even began to mention them.

But if asked what are their differences I can truly say.

Mexico has more Mexicans and the Philipines has more Filipinos

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