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Tijuana Baja California Airport

Chris asks…


On Sat. I am taking my mother-in-law to the airport in TJ….We both don’t know how to get there and I can’t find it on map quest. Can anyone help?

Tijuana answers:

Tijuana International Airport
TIJ: Carr. Aeropuerto
Domicilio Conocido
Tijuana, Baja California 22519 MX

Very difficult to find any info at all on this airport. This is all I have found:

Daniel asks…

Flights whilst in the States – Please help?

Planning on going to the States in there Summer. Not for a while but just a few Qs about flying over there.

Our (very open) plan is to fly over:
*(from Australia) to New York, a week or so
*NY – New Orleans – hire a car – drive to Nashville and Memphis (Country music festival YEW!)
*Fly from there to Southern California (tourist-y part of Mexico im told)
*From there to Arizonia – hire a car – drive up the east coast – all the way up
*Return to LA – Fly home

So my Questions are:

Are there any locations that will make the flights whilst over there cheap, for example, If you wanted to fly from Newcastle NSW to Gold Coast QLD(in Australia), if you travel via car/public transport for 2 hours to Sydney you could sometimes save hundreds of $$$.
Hope you get what I mean? So other towns/cities around the areas we are wanting to go.

And can you pick a car up from New Orleans and drop off at Memphis + Hire from Arizonia drop off at LA?

Should we drop off the car at Nashville or Memphis? Which is cheaper to fly to Southern Califorina?

Sorry everyone I ment WEST COAST. 🙂
I am aware of the layout of the states roughly and a 6 hour drive its nothing compared to driving 2-3 days. Over there you seem to have a lot of places to stop along the way, thats why we are wanting to check out New Orleans then up to Nashville and Memphis. Over here there really not much from each city to the next and it takes hours and hours from each.

Thanks for everyones help so far, really appreciate it.

Tijuana answers:

Are you actually going to be visiting New Orleans? If not, renting a car would be a bit silly..just fly into Nashville/Memphis. It’s going to be a six hour drive from New Orleans to Memphis (then a 3 1/2 hour drive from there to Nashville).

Southern California is still just California..and part of the US. I assume that you’re talking about Baja California, which is actually owned by Mexico. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there are lots of drug wars going on in Mexico right now–people getting killed, Americans getting kidnapped, etc. Usually you’ll be fine if you aren’t dealing with drugs, but Tijuana isn’t the safest place in good times anyway. I’d stick to the U.S.–I actually live in Texas, there have been lots of scary things going down on the border of Texas & Mexico.

It would probably be cheaper to just fly from New Orleans to Memphis and AZ to LA instead of one-way car rentals–those are usually pretty expensive. And..Arizona isn’t on the east coast…it’s relatively close to the west coast though. California, Washington and Oregon make up the west coast…so it would be a bit silly to fly from California to Arizona, then drive back to California just to drive up the west coast. You may want to pull up Google maps and make sure you’re thinking of US geography correctly..

Also..your question about the cheaper places to fly out of… The cheapest places are always the bigger airports, the more well-known.. Just like flying out of Sydney as opposed to a smaller airport. Memphis and Nashville would probably be about the same price to fly out of.

Paul asks…

d i need a Pass Port ? for TJ ANYONE HELP ME ANSWER THIS?

ok i stay in los angeles california… and i havent been to TJ Mexico in a long time like 8 years aqo when i was a little kid. and now im 22 and i was born here in LA and i have papers like a ID and Social and birth certifikic *however u spell that* but i dont have a passport becuase i never needed one i dont travel out of the united states . i never needed to you feel me but anyways my freind named valerie called me and she said she wanted me to do her a big favor and i was like ok what is it and she said she asked do i have a passport and i said no i dont need one i dont travel and she said becuase she wanted me to go with her to TJ mexico… and i was like for what? and she said just to pick her mom up from the airport becuase she dosent want to go by herself .. shes a girl and she dont want to get kiddnapped and i luaghed but i after i said i dont have a passport and she said that i can take an ID and BIRTH certifikic. and i said ok ill call u back and i talked to my dad about it and he said that i needed a passport or esle i would get arrested ….! and i called valerie back and told her what my dad said ans she said thats not true .that she does it all the time idk…but anyways what do you guys know about this ?? do i need a passs port or can i just go with my ID and birth certifkic and tell them that im workinq on my passport?..

Tijuana answers:

No passport needed for Tijuana.

And, contrary to what others tell you, you are not slowed down when you return home, either.

For chapter and verse, see the FAQ on your question at

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