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Tijuana Baja California Airport

George asks…

do I need a passport and I-94 permit to fly from San Diego to Mexico?

Hi there I live in Baja California Mexico and I’m planning a short trip to Puerto Vallarta from San Diego Airport (cause prices are more than hundred cheaper then than Tijuana airport) but I don’t know if I need to get a 1-94 Permit to fly, also my mexican passport expires in November. Thanks for your help!

Tijuana answers:

I think you need a visa first to enter US. Then they’ll give you I-94 so you know how long you can stay inside US legally. During that time, you can go to Sand Diego and fly to Puerto Vallarta. During departure, you need to give the I-94 whenc checking in.

When you come back (I assume you fly back to San Diego), you will be re-issued new I-94. Then you can drive back to your home (or fly).

They do have so called transit visa…not sure if it is applicable to you. Check USCIS site for transit visa (C visa)

Donald asks…

How long does it take on the bus to Ensenada from Tiajuana?

How often do the busses leave?

Tijuana answers:

It is about 1 1/2 hours and the ABC buses depart every half hour from 6a.m. Until 9:30p.m

From the Plaza Viva (Tijuana, Pueblo Mexico), If visiting Ensenada by Bus from the San Diego area, the best option is to take the San Diego Trolley to San Ysidro, then walk across the border to the small Plaza Viva bus station. ABC buses depart for Ensenada every half hour from 6a.m. Until 9:30p.m. (tel. (664) 683-5681). ABC buses arrive in Ensenada at the Ensenada Central Terminal (Central Camionera on Av. Riveroll & Calle 11. ABC buses depart from Ensenada to the Tijuana border ( la linea. ) every half hour from 6a.m. Until 8p.m. (tel. (646)178-6680 or (664)178-1323). One-way fare is about $6.50dlls.

Also at Plaza Viva, Aragon buses depart for Ensenada every hour from 6a.m. Until 10p.m. (tel. (664)683-5622). They arrive in Ensenada at their own terminal on Av. Riveroll & Calle 8. Aragon buses depart from Ensenada to the Tijuana border (. La linea. ) every hour from 5a.m. Until 9:30p.m. (tel. (646)178-8521 or (646)174-0717). One-way fare is about $6.50dlls.

From the Tijuana Central Terminal, ( You can get there by taxi or Greyhound Bus, see below) ABC (Autotransportes Baja California) buses depart for Ensenada every half hour from 6a.m. Until midnight (tel. (664) 621-2982). One-way fare is about $8dlls.

Both ABC and Aragon offer service to other points in Baja California, Baja California Sur and the Mexican mainland. For times and prices for Mexican Bus lines operating in Baja click here.

Greyhound Bus Lines (U.S. Toll free: 800-231-2222) connect with major Mexican Bus lines at Tijuana’s Central Bus Terminal (Central Camionera) in La Mesa (Tijuana) on the road to the airport. Greyhound Lines will take you to Tijuana’s Central Bus Terminal (Central Camionera) from anywere in the US via San Ysidro, also depart from Tijuana for various U.S. Destinations, but be sure to check prices since fares are significantly higher when departing from Tijuana rather than San Diego (see (You will find Tijuana, Mx, as a Destination under California but not as a departure, in the Greyhound time schedule. The Bus just turns around a few minutes later to go back to San Ysidro

Betty asks…

What is the distance between Acapulco and La Paz de California ?

In all the transportation forms:air,land,sea.

Tijuana answers:

The great circle distance between Acapulco airport (ACA) and La Paz de California airport (LAP) is 1,371 kilometers.

I’m sure over land the distance is greater that 3,600 kilometers which is the total great circle distance of ACA to Tijuana airport (TIJ) and TIJ down to LAP. The distance is greater over land since La Paz is at the tip of the Baja peninsula and there is the Gulf of California to cross.

The distance by sea will be more than the 1,371 kilometers of the great circle distance to avoid running aground on the western coast of Mexico.

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