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Linda asks…

Is It Safe To Drive From Los Angeles To Ensedada, Mexico These Days?

My wife and I have a week off and are thinking of getting a rental car and driving from L.A. to Ensenada, Mexico for a few days with our 4 year old son. Government pages we’ve visited have said that our 4 year old son would need a passport, to avoid coming in with a dark colored SUV as those have been targeted at a higher rate than other cars, not to be “flashy”, and to not drive at night or on isolated roads. Does that toll road we’ve heard of go all the way through to Ensenada? What else should we keep in mind?

Tijuana answers:

Of course it is.
I just drove across one of the most “Dangerous” states of Mexico during the Night and I felt safe even though some people told me not to go through there for I would “get kidnapped/killed/robbed/etc”!

Baja California is not a Dangerous State at all. Sure Tijuana has some problems with drug trafficking but a Drive to Ensenada is quite safe.

Go to Ensenda and enjoy your week off. You wont regret it =D

Happy Traveling =)

Maria asks…

How am I supposed to find someone who likes me for me, when I’m not even White and don’t like my own race?

The girls my race are so ugly, so tradition and conservative, so… un-fun!

But white people, they’ve always seemed like a breath of fresh air to me!
They can say or do whatever they want without overbearing traditions or racial cultures.

Of course, I want to be white and mainstream.
But I can’t change my body 🙁

And I can’t believe I’ve blurted all this out on P&S.
Now I’m unhappy.
But I had to say it.

Tijuana answers:

Your probably not mexican eiter.. The SHAME!!!

Its ok be strong!

When i was a young little mexican boy, i used to to live in mexico, in tijuana baja california…

And in my school some two white ppl came, there parents were por so they came here.. Anyways.. Everyone admired them, even i myself i have to agree, i thought they were like gods, beautiful etc.. Everyone had a crush on them because they were white and spoke english..

But now i realize you should like your own culture, i like being mexican i dont brag about it… Or tell the world but its nice being mexican.. I admire all cultures, because they decided to do things there own way.. And i like that…

Chinese, arabs, russia, france.. Even canada.. They might not have much culture but they decided to speak frenc a little differently so i guess thats there little diference

Donald asks…

Does anyone know where the Santi brothers teach kung fu?

I am looking for James and Jason Santi’s Kung Fu school? They used to teach in San Diego together. They taught 5 Animal Kung Fu and Hsing-I. James also taught Praying Mantis. They came from the Ark Wong lineage. I looked online but did not find anything?

Tijuana answers:

James Santi has schools all over Mexico. He teaches in Tijuana Baja California and privately in San Diego. Jason Santi no longer teaches publicly. He teaches privately in NYC. Mainly Hung Gar and 5 Animal. He is now a Microsoft Software specialist.James Santi is a master in both Northern and Southern Styles. The last time he did a demo he talked about his studies in China over the last 5 years or so. Your best bet would be James since he has students teaching actively and is on the west coast. Should you be on the East Coast? I am not sure how you would find Jason? Both of their Masters were Douglas Wong and Ark Wong that I know of. I studied with Jason from 88-91 and James from 92-95 when I was in the Navy. I wish I could tell you more info. I believe James has another web site as well. Below is one for one his locations.

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