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Thomas asks…

What would be the process of crossing the us mexican border in the 1920’s?

Tijuana answers:

Crossing the Mexico Border
Crossing the Mexican border seems daunting but if you take it one … Barrier that leaves their freedoms as US citizens behind. The entire process can seem ……/crossing-mexican-border.html – Cached

Mexico Border Crossing
Crossing the border from the US to Mexico. … To declare any items with Mexican Customs, or if you need to process any paperwork at the border. – Cached

Mexico – United States border – Wikipedia, the free …
Geography|History|Security…|Western…The Mexico – United States border is the international border between Mexico and the United States. It runs from San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Baja California, in the west to…–United_States_border – Cached.

At the U.S.-Mexican border, binational accord grants … Significantly impact the border-crossing process. Port of entry inspection activities on the U.S. Southern border … – Cached

Understanding Border Regulations
This report was written to give Canadian and U.S. Exporters an insight into the U.S./Mexican border crossing process for household … – Cached

File Not Found Thank you! … The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration 1-86-NARA-NARA or 1-866-272 … – Cached
… People free border crossing, and not to collect custom duties from them. In the 1920’s … Border and the United States/Mexican border … Longer the slow process it … – Cached

Table of Contents and Excerpt, Ettinger, Imaginary Lines
Without doubt, the process of crossing a border into the United States had changed … To a principal focus on the Mexican border. Even as the United States imagined … – Cached

Information On Mexico Border Crossing Illegally
… We have carefully outlined the process in our Border Crossing . U.S … Information on fashion from 1920 s. One Old Vet ” Illegal border crossing lands Mexican repeat .… – Cached


Joseph asks…

what is the difference beteen hate and religion and race?

as a mexican with blonde hair, blue eyes, middle aged, living in Detroit I have felt alot of meaness and bad looks. no welcome even as I greet everyone as I pass them as I walk to work. what is going on? lived in Mexico and traveled Europe and felt so much anger.

Tijuana answers:

Yea…there is a lot of hate today. Religion and race is made up of people and where ever people are there will always be hate. It’s sad and it shouldn’t be that way especially in the “religious” realm, but it is. I see your living in Detroit and that’s a big city to me, and most cities I been to being polite is almost a sign of weakness to them…else they don’t know how to react to your politeness, cause their not use to anyone being nice. I too, been to Mexico, down around Baja California and I thought the Mexican people were really nice over all, except for the bigger cities like Mexicali and Tijuana. The world is much much better if we’re speaking about technology, but it’s getting worst and worst when it come to how we treat another human being. 30+ years ago people and families did things together and a stranger would help you no matter what…and if you accidentally drove through someones yard they would be more concern if you were alright, but today if you accidentally drove through their yard you would be sued. People don’t care anymore and it’s a very selfish world….if they can’t sue you…they’ll shot you. 6 years ago I moved from Buffalo, NY down to a hick town in the Appalachian mt’s in WVa and I love it!!! I live an hour away from any big city and live in a small town that has 1,000 people and the only thing I don’t like about it is everybody knows everybody, but at least I can leave for a week and never lock my doors. The whole county where I live only has 4 redlights & some counties in WVa only has 1 cop (state) patroling the whole county and no redlights.

Maria asks…

When installing Windows, why is the default Time Zone Tijuana, is that Microsoft Head Office location?

Tijuana answers:

Both Tijuana, Mexico and Microsoft’s Home Office in Redmond, WA, USA are in the Pacific Time Zone, but thousands of miles apart.

The USA version of Windows does not use Tijuana. It uses Pacific Time (USA and Canada) and also Baja California for this time zone.


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