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Tijuana Baja California Mexico

Jenny asks…

how and why Japaneses migrated to Mexico?

‘cos there are so many Japaneses and Japanese-Mexicans in Mexico.

Tijuana answers:

I cannot speak for all of Mexico. As far as Baja California is concerned, however, our Japanese are not as numerous as our Chinese. Our earliest Japanese arrived at the beginning of the twentieth century. Between La Paz and Loreto, they came for the pearls; just south Ensenada, they came to farm chiles in the ejido Maneadero; in Tijuana we received a few families as neighbors. Someone named Murua bought farming land in the eastern part of Tijuana; Kingo Nonaka was our chief of police during the 1930s.

Heaven only knows why they came here: we’re talking about three or four generations ago. Our historical societies might answer that question, if you need to know. Try

Most of Baja California’s Oriental immigration came by railroad through San Francisco after the so-called Mexican-American War. Our earliest immigration of that sort came by boat to Ensenada and La Paz somewhat earlier. Scholarly books on this question are available through the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

Michael asks…

Mexico is involved in a civil war; what is the solution?

it is not covered enough the injustices occuring there. The good people of Mexico are growing tired of oppression;
Look at the prejudice responses. And blacks say they have it bad?

Tijuana answers:

The war is mainly between the drug lords for territory.

Why not let them do the job, they are killing each other right?

I live in Playas DE Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. And I see this almost every day. All you got to do is not to get cut in the cross fire. Lol


Joseph asks…

telephone directory for Tijuana, Baja California Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

If you are looking for the Yellow pages, try these:

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