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Tijuana Baja California Mexico

Lisa asks…

what is the prefix needed to dail to make a telephone call from the united states to tijuana, baja california?

Tijuana answers:

From the US, the first thing you need to dial is the IDD, or International Dialing Digit, for the USA.

Then you need to enter the Mexico country code.

Then the Mexico city code for Tijuana.

Then the local number in Tijuana.

011+52+664+local number.

Sandy asks…

Have you driven to Mexico lately?

I want to drive to Mexico some time soon, I have dual nationality and am half Mexican so I don’t think I’ll get any attention like some one fully white. I feel very unsafe because of all the corruption and violence that goes on. I lived there for about 10 years and I know how violent it is. I just want to drive down there and back safely to visit family. I have a 1990 honda CRX which won’t get any attention I hope.

Tijuana answers:

I have driven twice in December 2011 (9th to 11th and 23rd to 26th) through Tijuana, Otay Mesa (Garita de Otay) and through Tecate in Baja California. I am also half-Mexican but do look somewhat like a gringo. I also have a 1993 Toyota Corolla that gets great gas mileage even though the Mexican streets and highway are full of topes (speedbumps) and baches (potholes) and drivers who dont stop at ALTO signs. Me and my wife visited her relatives in colonia Buenos Aires Sur and Los Alamos (where the Christ statue is above the church on the hill). Considering that I lent the car to my son-in-law who is 25 (I owe him for the car), we came back safely into So. California.

Carol asks…

In Tijuana dont have passport how do i get back?

I have a friend that is stuck in tijuana ID was ceaced by the mexian police no ID or Passaport but his Friend is going to take him his extra ID,

Tijuana answers:

Consulate in Tijuana will work it out:

Contact Us – American Citizen Services

American Citizen Services
Ave. Tapachula # 96
Colonia Hipodromo, 22420
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

(664) 622-7400
(Dialing from the U.S. 011-52 + phone number)

(664) 686-1168


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