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Steven asks…

Is there bus/train that goes from the US/Mexico down San Diego to Mexico city?

I am trying to go from the border down San Diego to Mexico City by either bus or train. can anyone provide some information on that? including prices and the amount of time it takes.

Tijuana answers:

I rode on transportes del pacifico from Guanajuato, Mexico to Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.. My ticket cost a little under $100. It took roughly 36 hours to get to Tijuana.. The bus that I was on came from Mexico DF but i’m not sure how much those tickets were or how many more hours it is.. Check out the link below and you can check out the different bus lines that are available for you to use.. Goodluck..

Nancy asks…

no social security card,almost 18,am i screwed?

I have been living in the US for basically all my life.I was born in Tijuana,Baja California Mexico.I’m currently 17 years old and in my third year of high school.I have no clue if all this will be a problem for me to attend college.I need to become a legalized citizen but not sure how.Mom is not much help.I have hardly any family to top it all off.I want to make something of myself.I have my future planned.I don’t have social security so obviously can not work either.Please,Please.PLEASE someone give me info on what steps I need to take or know.I’d gladly appreciate it.

Tijuana answers:

If you were born in the US, you are a US citizen and can obtain a social security number. You can get an application at the US post office near you, or from the Social security office, or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

You will need a birth certificate.

Lisa asks…

Seattle or Vancouver?

I have friends and families coming from three different states and four different countries meeting up for a massive flying-road tripping fun. I am semi-responsible from the West Coast part of North America. I can’t decide which to make a destination, Vancouver or Seattle?

We are meeting up in Tijuana, Baja California (Mexico)… flying to San Diego, CA… road tripping to Las Vegas, NV… flying to San Francisco, CA … road tripping to Mammoth,CA…onwards to Portland, OR… onwards to either Seattle or Vancouver. The West Coast trips ends there.

Please, don’t say both. With the amount of time we have, we already had to cross off Weed (I guess we have to buy the cool shirts online) and Solvang, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Austin, TX and Bend, OR. Money is not an issue, even though gas is fudging ridiculously priced everywhere.

I’ve been to both cities, which is why I can’t decide. Obviously both cities are alike in many ways, but I think it’s the little details are what will make the fun. Give me reasonS why that city is your choice. There are many reasons why we’re going to the places I listed, so I don’t want reasons like “Seattle because of their coffee” or “Vancouver because they actually have people of coloUr.”

Tijuana answers:

One thing that you don’t mention is what these four different countries are. Depending on that, there could be visit visa issues for them entering Canada so that’s something you need to find out before making a decision.

Assuming that there are no visa complications, I’d suggest Vancouver simply because all of your other destinations are within the United States so why not present them with an opportunity to visit at least a tiny part of another country.

The link below will tell you which nationals require a visa to visit Canada.

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