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Tijuana Baja California Mexico

Ruth asks…

how many miles is it from portland,oregon to baja,california?

Tijuana answers:

Approximately 1,097 miles from Portland,OR to Tijuana, Mexico, the border city in Baja California, according to Google Maps.

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Sandra asks…

i am looking fo info on hispanic landmarks, preferably tijuana arche… can you help me?

The Tijuana Arche is located in the heart of mexico.

Tijuana answers:

Tijuana Architecture or Arch?

Try “la Casa de la Cultura” which used to be Escuela “ Alvaro Obregón” built in 1930

Or the Banco HSBC at Revolución Ave., built in 1929

Along with the Jai Alai building from 1925

Mandy asks…

Visa or American Express in Mexico?

I am leaving for Mexico in a few weeks (Baja CaliforniaTijuana, Ensenada etc) and am debating to change all my money over before I cross the border, to take a prepaid visa or a prepaid American Express or travelers checks or card. I haven’t been to this part of Mexico before and don’t know the safest and easiest way to change money there. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Some prepaid card charge an annual fee for ownership. A big plus with theThe All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card is that it has no annual fee. This will help the owner save some money. Prepaid cards are frequently used to withdraw cash from ATM’s. If you withdraw cash using U.S. ATM’s by your All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card the cash advance fee of $2 will be charged and if you are using an international ATM for the same purpose $4.95 will be charged for every transaction. When you apply for The All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card there is an application fee of $9.95 to be paid. When you participate in the All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card program a participation fee of $9.95 per month is charged on your account. The prepaid card owner has an option to pay per transaction also in which case the participation fee can be waived.

The All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card provides various ways of reloading. Depending on each option there are various fees to be paid. If you reload via direct deposits or PayPal transfers the reloading is free or costs you $0, if you use ACH, credit or debit card transfers there is a reloading fees of $4.95 and if you want to reload your credit card in person with retail cash the reloading fees vary by merchant location.

If you don’t use your All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card for a certain amount as mentioned in the terms and conditions associated with the debit card there is an inactivity fees of $5.95 to be paid to the prepaid card company. Overall this prepaid card has lots of good features but the fees associated with it makes it a bit costly option to have. Read more from:

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