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Steven asks…


i recently saw a video where the pueblo amigo hotel now has a roulette table and craps table can anybody confirm this? i know they have slot machines, but game tables? this is great but they pay in pesos>

Tijuana answers:

Pueblo Amigo is owned by Jorge Hank Rohn, the guy who created the media blitz against Tijuana a few years ago. He has turned Pueblo Amigo into a ghost town by his dishonesty.

Do not believe his advertising. He shows us images of how he wants Mexico to be. Baja California does not agree with his vision. His federal gambling licenses are for machines and off-site betting only. He says he wants more but, hell, he’s the same guy who got rid of the horses.

Richard asks…

has anyone heard of a little town called…

Has anyone heard of a little town called El Hongo? It is in Baja California , Mexico close to Tecate, Tijuana, and Mexicali… I was just wondering…has anyone heard of it??

Tijuana answers:

El Hongo is located about 20 miles east of Tecate, Baja California, Mexico. Known as the “Mushroom”. Home to La Mesa Prison which holds 12,700 inmates.

Sharon asks…

Who is the great sibling in the world ??? ?

My brother Anthony Hughes Waller.

Even though we are different in many ways, he is a swell brother.

Thank you Anthony !!! !

I love you man !!! !

Will Budweiser sue me since it was in a commercial in the 1990s?

I will buy Michelob Dark if they decide not to file a law suit.

Bored ?

Please visit me at

I might get married if I find the right woman who is a friend before matrimony !!! !

Some of the woman that I am thinking of pursuing are; one that is almost 4 years younger, another is 6 years younger, and 2 are almost 4 years older.

I prefer my age, born Sunday, 3 January 1965 in Tijuana North Baja California Mexico, but most have emotional baggage. I dated 2 women about 20 years older and tried to date one that was 32 years older with no success. I am looking with a good character and not financially well off. No one is perfect so I am not looking for Ms Perfect
Again thank you Anthony for being my brother
Hello to

Maria Rangel-Ochoa


Chavela Escobar

I wonder if I should get married ??? ?
I was joking about Budweiser and drink it once in a while.

I salute Mr. Thomas M Coughlin who almost legally discredited Samuel Robson Walton regarding Wal-Mart’s money making strategies!!!!!!!!!!
Desiree Meier and Rosa Ana Hollyfield

Two beautiful and smart women that are not attracted to me.

Tijuana answers:

I am. I am the oldest of 5 and have taken on the responsibility of raising 3 of my brothers. It is going on 3 years. I have 2 in college and one in high school. I am a single mother of 2. All on my own. I pay the house and buy all the household items and food. 🙂 So that makes me the best sibling

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