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Tijuana Baja California Mexico

Daniel asks…

would buying baja california help?

if the United States (not just california‘s budget) bought Baja California would it make more money for the united states? give them more space to find Oil? give them better results for immigrants to cross over since traveling by seas is more difficult. would it make USA a better place economically?

Tijuana answers:

There is no oil in Baja California. There is gold though. As for the immigrants only 10% cross through Baja, the border on the main land is what you need to worry about, especially Arizona and Texas.

By the way, I live in Baja and I know a LOT of Americans that are in Mexico illegally, they came here to party, stayed and their tourist visa expired hahaha. It goes both ways. Plenty on the mainland too in places like Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. There are also thousands of Americans coming here every year to retire legally so I think we should just trade countries and everyone would be happy hahaha.

The USA had the chance to buy all of Baja when it bought Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California from Mexico but didn’t want it because it was just dessert. Today, it’s a billion dollar tourist destination. Los Cabos is a money trap, because tourists come by Cruise Ships, boats, major airlines, and driving down the peninsula. That’s three major money sources and the locals don’t travel much because its “almost” an island. It takes 2 days to drive to Tijuana from Cabo. So the money the tourists spend here stays circulating in the Los Cabos area. A lot of money to be made here if you start your own business.

So to answer your question, the USA would benefit from the income as a major tourist destination although Baja Sur being now the state of Mexico that brings in the most money to the country, I really doubt Mexico would sell it. And all of us that live here (specially the Americans) wouldn’t allow it, that’s why we live here, it’s so peaceful and easy going.

God bless 🙂

Mandy asks…

how far is it from Tijuana to San Miguel de Allende?

What is the drive like? any advice?

Tijuana answers:

Very very far. Better fly to Mexico City or Leon/Bajio.

You can find a map at:, clicking on “traza tu ruta”, choose “Baja California” state, “Tijuana” city from the start point, and the chose “Guanajuato” state and “San Miguel de A.” city for destination. They’ll give you a detailed map in Spanish, but the times they say are always shorther than real times, so if they say 40 hrs., maybe it would take 60 or 70…

Nice trip!

David asks…

Is Baja California in Mexico safe?

Some friends and I are trying to plan a trip to Cabo San Lucas. After looking on Priceline for plane tickets, we figured out it would be way cheaper to carpool and pitch in for gas because we live in Southern California. Our only concern is about how safe Baja California Mexico is. I read on another YA question that it’s safe if you drive during the day, stay on main roads, and refrain from being an idiot. The question was only regarding a trip to Ensenada though which is only an hour or so south of California. I know Cabo is safe from carjackers, corrupt cops, etc. as long as we stay on the main roads, travel in the day, and obey the laws of the road?

Tijuana answers:

According to the official roads web page it’s 1,653 km long from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas and it takes about 20 hours!

Write the following information: Baja California
Baja California Sur
Cabo San Lucas

So I don’t think you can drive all that during the day without making a stop at a middle point, maybe Guerrero Negro at the north of the state BC Sur.

Stay on toll roads that is CUOTA and you won’t see many cows or children XP

Cops allowed to stop you while in those roads are Policia Federal de Caminos only, do not stop to other cops. This is how their vehicles look like:

But if you drive carefully and respect the speed limit you’ll be fine.

Enjoy your vacation.

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