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Tijuana Baja California Mexico

Charles asks…

Is Rosarito Mexico a nice vaction city in october?

I am planning to go there toward the end of this month, is it nice? Or would I be better off going somewhere else?

Tijuana answers:

Rosarito is a good place to spend a day or two. If you wanna go to a more popular vacation spot in Baja California, check out Ensenada. It’s a nice beach town.

Or you can easily go to both places. First stop if driving or bussing from San Diego/TJ would be Rosarito, then Puerto Nuevo for a tasty lobster and then on down to Ensenada.

“The charming town of Rosarito has long endeared itself to visiting Americans and International travelers in search of sprawling coastlines with a SoCal climate. Just 20 miles south of the California border, Rosarito is part of the Tourist Corridor that includes Tijuana, Ensenada and Rosarito. From luxury resorts to oceanfront condos, hotels and RV parks, Rosarito has been a favorite vacation spot for over eight decades. An ideal setting for large gatherings, Rosarito is the perfect destination if you’re planning a special event, wedding, or anniversary.”

“The well-known lobster village, Puerto Nuevo sprang up fifteen minutes south of Rosarito, originally as a fishermen’s neighborhood who would offer the daily catch in their living room, and now is a tourist/culinary destination. Lobster, rice and beans, washed down with Margaritas is the “comida del dia.” Lobster “Puerto Nuevo Style” can be advertised anywhere in Baja, where the recipe is lobster, doused with butter and grilled, although if a customer insists it will be prepared in the traditional method.”

“Ensenada, the third largest city in Baja California, boasts a protected harbor and modern port facilities, making it Baja California’s leading seaport. In 1602, Sebastián Vizcaíno sailed into the bay and was so taken by its beauty that he named it Ensenada de Todos los Santos (inlet of all the saints). The scenic setting, beautiful beaches, numerous boutiques and restaurants, vast accommodations and excellent fishing make Ensenada one of the leading resort and commercial centers on the Baja peninsula. ”

Bueno Suerte (Good luck) and have fun!

Mark asks…

Is Baja California, Mexico too dangerous for a road trip?

I am going to be visiting someone in San Diego and wanted to take a road trip down the coast to Playas de Rosarito and Puerto Nueve. Would that be a bad idea?

Tijuana answers:

Im in american currently in tijuana. The major crime surge that is currently going on is due to a drug war between rivalry drug cartels. The killings and shootings are pretty much the drug cartels killing each other as well as cop killing. However the kidnappings are another means for these cartels to make money to finance their war. Americans are a tempting target as well as lucrative mexican businessmen. There have been kidnappings in puerto nuevo and killings in rosarito. I would go to ensenada which in my opinion is not only safer but nicer. Ensenada is 20 mins farther from puerto nuevo.
In my opinion u will be ok. Stay on the toll roads, dont go by yourself, dont be flashy, be aware of your surroundings and just use good ol’ common sense. Hope this helps!!!

Michael asks…

what will happen if i go to mexico and come back without a passport?

Im going to drive to mexico (baja) this month and i dont have a passport. i heard a lot of things but i cant find my answer to that. i usually go with my i.d. and birth certificate. i heard that is no longer going t be possible to use that

Tijuana answers:

With all that is going on in Mexico you are actually going to drive there? Unless you HAVE to go, don’t. The violence is heavy there.
They are advising people in California to avoid going into Mexico during these violent times. The druglords are all around.
Just recently 4 US citizens who went to Mexico for a night out, were found murdered. This was in Tijuana.
Yes I remember the days where you can go into Mexico with just an ID alone. Those times are no longer.
You MUST possess a passport to get into Mexico.
On June 1, 2009 new laws were implimented for passport applications.
Mexico was one country affected.

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