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Tijuana Baja California Mexico

Michael asks…

I am Salvadorian and i would like to travel to Mexico can any one tell me what are the requirments for that?

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Tijuana answers:

If you’re entering by land, you can get an FMM-Turista at the INM office at your port of entry. If you’re flying in, your airline will arrange the FMM-Turista for you. To issue your FMM-Turista, the INM says they want you to have a current passport but INM agents at the Tijuana port of entry have said they will accept other documents so long as they show your nationality and your identity.

Along Mexico’s northern border, no visa is required of those who stay within the franja fronteriza (20km south of the border as well as most of Sonora and all of the Baja California peninsula). I have no direct knowledge of the INM’s behavior along Mexico’s southern border.

Charles asks…

What is going on at the border of Meixco?

Okay….I’ve been hearing about all these deaths in Mexico. I think its been about like 7,000 in this year alone. What exactly is causing all the deaths at the border?? Is it from all the drug trafficing i keep hearing about??

Tijuana answers:

There is the Juarez cartel in the state of Chihuahua.
There is the Tijuana cartel in the state of Baja California.
There is the Sinaloa cartel in the state of Sinaloa.
There is the Gulf Cartel cartel in the state of Tamaulipas.
There is the Sonora cartel in the state of Sonora.
Los Zetas are involved in myriad criminal activities. They have branched out into kidnappings, murder-for-hire, extortion, money-laundering and human smuggling. For security purposes, Los Zetas have adopted a cell-like structure to limit the information that any one member of the organization knows about his associates.

Supplying drugs to the United States is a 400 billion dollar business. And each cartel want to supply the biggest share of the drugs and make the most money. So they try to kill each other to control the drug corridors.
If everybody in America stopped using drugs today, the cartels would go out of business tomorrow and the killing would stop.

Daniel asks…

What’s the best mexican restaurant you’ve ever eaten at?

Tijuana answers:

A two-story, family-owned place in Ensenada, Mexico which is an hour south of Tijuana. It might have been La Tortuga. They were a few blocks from the beach and served these grilled half-lobsters on a big platter. Most delicious Mexican food I’ve ever had.

As far as Tex-Mex I’ve found in the U.S., I like On The Border, Chevy’s, and Baja Fresh.

Oh hell! I almost forgot Tito’s Tacos on Washington Place in Culver City, California. There’s a line outside that place all day long, it’s so good.

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