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Tijuana Baja California Mexico

Ken asks…

Is it safe to travel to Baja California?

Well I’m planing to travel to baja CA ( in Mexico ) and camp there for one day in April. And I have seen and read stuff that is deterring me from going. So I just want to know is it safe to travel there. And PLEASE give me a real answer, not like “yes it’s ok to travel”.


Tijuana answers:

“yes its ok to travel”
okey seriously:
There are places where it would be unsafe to go
For what I have learned in the past couple of years the area around Tijuana or Ensenada has cut down dramatically the crimes. It has escalated in other regions but not at Ensenada.

I could not tell you with absolute precision but from what I have heard the crime rate is lower than in the past few years. It all depends exactly where you are going. If you know the area, is it near a “bad district”, etc.

Sorry that I can´t give you a local assessment but I´m living about 1380 miles away on another northern city in Mexico

Maria asks…

I want to take the ABC bus from Tijuana to Loreto, Mexico for Xmas. Couldn’t buy ticket online; how do I call?

Does anyone know anything about the current schedules/fares for this bus line (a.k.a., Autotransportes de la Baja California)?

Tijuana answers:

Calz. Independencia 1244
Centro Cívico
Phone: 011-52 (686) 557 2420 / 557 2451

Mandy asks…

Can I go to mexico with a valid green card?

I live in California and just wondering if i can get into to Mexico with a valid green card only??? please help thanks!
My nationality is armenian
thanks! can i go to Tijuana and come back to california with the green card ???

Tijuana answers:

You can go anywhere in northern baja including tijuana, it’s considered free territory, no visa or passport required, green card allows you to enter the US. Care full in TJ a lot of crime and locals break into vehicles on the average of 500 times a day, it happened to me and when i went to file police report they told me that i was wasting my time.

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