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Daniel asks…

Xolos owner fixed the championship?

all right since nobody here believes when I say that Tijuana along with jorge hank ron fixed the championship well here it goes.

Jorge Hank Rhon is the son of former Estado de Mexico governor which the capital is Toluca and “PRI” politician Carlos Hank Gonzalez. Now Jorge hank is the owner of the largest illegal betting/gambling chain in Mexico. The “caliente” race grounds are notorious for narco trafico and for being a safe haven for the narcos of the baja california cartel aka the arellano-felix cartel. Jorge hanks home was raided in 2011. federales found like 80 military exclusive weapons 2 of them linked to 2 different murders and about 9,000 rounds of ammunition and a massive amount of marijuana (kilos)

his team, the xolos, were at risk to be eliminated due to the chargers already mentioned, but surprisingly enough the FMF let him change the name on the ownership of the club to his son jorge hank inzunza. weird? i think so! weird because after the name change, his son was on futbol picante and declared his father as the still owner of the club! WTF! WEIRD? DEFINATELY!

Toluca-Tijuana: carlos hank (father of jorge hank) ex governor of estado de Mexico. jorgr hank ron-ex mayor of tijuana and runner up of baja california for governor. both belong to el “PRI” which everyone knows they have the most corrupt politicians in Mexico. Enrique Peña Nieto, current president of Mexico, former estado de Mexico governor, also belongs to el “PRI” and an elite cult named “grupo atlacomulco” whos leader is carlos hank and this cult is known for being an exclusive “PRI” organization that goes deep into organized crime and drug trafficking.

now on to football

dont you think its weird that LEON beat xolos 4-0, 2-0, was the ONLY team to score atleast once in every game win or lose, home or away, was the team with the best offense, and you gunna tell me LEON couldnt score 1 in el caliente? smells like bull$h!t to me. xolos did not win a game by a larger defecit than 1 and u gunna tell me tjey score 3 easily on LEON? yeah right!

tijuana NOT a new team!

tijuana has had around 10 teams in 2nd division in the last 20 years atleast. in 1990 LEON beat inter de tijuana to promote to 1st division. tijuana has had inter, nacional, xolos, gallos, dorados, tijuana stars, chivas tijuana, petroleros, trotamundos. all in a 20 year span. so NO tijuana isnt a new club! they were never able to promote untill hank bought the liga de ascenso.

el turko had never won a league championship as coach and what a coincidance?

in Mexico, you can only play with 5 extranjeros on the pitch. tijuana plays with 8!

why was the final in Toluca changed to 6pm instead of the traditional 12pm when playing in toluca? special reques? coincidence? narco dinero involved!

Tijuana answers:

Okay your first points seem valid about the PRI thing.

Xolos v. Leon ehh anything could happen in the liguilla.

There’s always a first time when a coach wins a championship.

Corona and Castillo are Americans so they don’t count as extranjeros and Chango Moreno obtained citizenship.

Idk about the time thing though.

Linda asks…

How come Mexico complains about U.S. deporting illegal Mexican criminals back to Mexico what Mexico wants us?

How come Mexico complains about U.S. deporting illegal Mexican criminals back to Mexico why does Mexico wants us to keep their criminals here at our expense ? TIJUANA — Less than four months after he was released from a Nevada prison and deported to Mexico, Fermín Pérez Juárez is in trouble again. He is now behind bars in Tijuana, accused along with four others in the kidnapping and torture of a man who was hoping to be smuggled into the United States.

It wasn’t just the brutality of the crime, committed last month in the city’s Zona Norte, that commanded attention in Tijuana newspaper headlines and on TV broadcasts. It was the people allegedly behind the crime: Pérez and the other suspects are deportees with U.S. criminal records, Mexican authorities said.

Illegal immigration is a contentious topic in the United States, but it can be a touchy subject in Mexico, too. This is especially true in northern border cities such as Tijuana, where hundreds of Mexicans are returned each day.

The city’s officials say the presence of large numbers of deportees poses public safety problems and further strains social-service programs. Business owners near the border complain that they drive up crime and drive away customers. Deportees say they often are made to feel like convicts even when they are not — ostracized, unable to find work, lacking any family or friends in the area, targeted by police as well as criminals who shake them down and take their money and documents.

Though theses issues are not new, an unprecedented effort by the U.S. government to deport foreigners convicted of crimes is raising alarm in Tijuana.

“They arrive in border cities and they don’t have work, they don’t anywhere to live, they don’t have documents,” said Adán Velázquez, head of criminal investigations in Tijuana for the Baja California Attorney General’s Office. “They become addicted to drugs, they wander the streets, they are bad for the city’s image and have become a serious problem.”

While the Mexican government offers deportees transportation back to their hometowns, many of them choose to remain near the U.S.-Mexico border in hopes of making another crossing. But increasingly tight U.S. security along the border makes such returns far more difficult, so deportees linger in limbo.

“Before, we didn’t have so many people getting stuck in Tijuana,” said the city’s security chief, Alberto Capella.

Tijuana answers:



Robert asks…

Traveling to Baja California in two weeks alone, by bus and looking for inexpensive housing.?

I’m a middle-aged woman who enjoys low-level travel (4 star hotels are all alike! 🙂 I have 5 days to spend in Baja California and I’d like to travel at least as far down the peninsula as the whale watching areas on the Pacific side, maybe going over to the Sea of Cortez for a day or two. I’m planning to travel by bus, by myself, and am thinking about just winging it and looking for lodging when I get there, but this is tourist season, so I’m not sure that’s wise. I prefer small, local hotels but I’d take my hammock and sleep in a campground if that was remotely reasonable! Can anyone suggest places to stay near Guerrero Negro and Santa Rosalia? I don’t want to do a tour. Will I be able to hire a fisherman to take me out to see the whales on my own, or join up with a group once I’m there? And any advice on appropriate clothing, weather, food, safety, bus travel? I should add that I don’t speak much Spanish, but I’m willing to look stupid acting things out. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Since many of the hotels in Baja Norte are suffering from reduced occupancy due to the criminal unpleasantness in Tijuana you are coming at a good time. The bad news is its cold down here right now. I’d stop in Rosarito, check out the hotel prices (no stars here) and take the bus to G. Negro.. Going to the gulf side from the Pacific side will take a little more time than you think. You need to do a little more travel planning, 5 days goes very quickly.

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