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Tijuana Baja California Weather

Charles asks…

Where should I move, and why?

I’m moving out of the u.s.. What country should i move to? very specific reasons are appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

It all depends why you are moving out of the U.S. I guess you are looking for a more relaxing atmosphere and if it so, then a very good option is just down south, Mexico is a great place to move in, of course there’s a lot of crime and violence, but that’s in the border cities like Tijuana and Cd Juarez or the chaotic big cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City, but there are quite a lot of small cities that are very relaxing, for example in Baja California Sur or in the central state of Guanajuato, there are large colonies of Americans that enjoy the simple way of life, and another plus is the economic factor, if you have your savings in dollars, life will be very easy spending pesos in mexico. Also the people is very friendly, services are not expensive and don’t forget the weather that is very cool, compared to some places in U.S.

Hope that the answer help.

Joseph asks…

What to do in San Diego?

I got a free ticket to go anywhere in the US (besides Hawaii). Been everywhere except the west coast. If I go west I must stay w/my cousin(26 yrs old) in San Diego, or I could go to Seattle with another cuz. What are some things that are a must-do in SD for a 20 yr old male? Is it worth using a free ticket on? (i have to go someplace where I can stay with a relative). Pros & cons? weather? Also, how far is the drive from LA? *gotta go there once
Seattle sounds fun too! I am considering one or the other.

Tijuana answers:

The weather is nice, go to the beach (Coronado is one of the top rated beaches in the U.S.), go clubbing/dining along Gas Lamp District, where there are lots of bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, Sea World (the new Shamu show is supposed to be better than ever), San Diego Wild Animal Park (you can go on a safari, almost as if you are in Africa), Old Town, Balboa Park (beautiful!!). You would be approximately a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles (which you GOTTA go see!!!) & if you can, go down south into Tijuana, Baja California (Mexico) for some tacos & the culture, it’s only about 30 minutes (if that) from San Diego.
Seattle is cold & cloudy this time of year. Come to Seattle in July or August, those are the best months. Enjoy the West Coast!

David asks…

I’d like to drive to a Mexican city that has tourist attractions within 4 hours driving distance of US Border.

I am a single female and would like to know the following:

-What is the best time to travel to Mexico in terms of prices
and weather?
-What are the best tourist attractions to visit that are safe and
within 6 hours driving distance from the US Border?
-What are the immigration rules and whether I need a passport
to travel as a US Citizen?
-Do I need a visa?
-What place along the US border should I rent a car to drive to
Mexico and whether my regular insurance will cover any
damage like accidents or theft. If not, could someone please
suggest something?
-What are the least congested border crossings?
-How long can I stay in Mexico as a tourist?
-Who can I contact for more information?
-Which website can I go to to mapquest the distance and
routes i.e.: form the US to Mexico?
-Any recommendations for cheap, safe, and comfortable
hotels and places to visit?
-Anyone interested in traveling together?
-Any other tips?

Tijuana answers:

I can answer some of your questions. You would be best off to travel to Baja California…there are no other areas with good cities to visit in northern Mexico. You can get a tourist card at the border for about $22.00, good for up to 180 days. You do not need a visa. Passports are not needed for LAND travel to Mexico yet…the date for this has not yet been set , but will be after next summer. If you rent a car in the U.s. Before crossing the border, they will discuss insurance with you. Your American insurance will NOT cover you. SInce I think you should just stick going to Baja, you will cross the border at Tijuana. Could rent a car in San Diego. Driving in Mexico is qutie an adventure. Never drive at nite , and stick to going to the cities close to border that other answerer mentioned. Baja, hot, all the time. No season is substantially different, prices usualy same year round. You CANNOT get to any good cities if you cross into Mexico from Texas…they are too far south. Northern areas of Mexico are NOT attractive, and sorry to say, not safe. You cannot even go to southern Baja…way to long a drive. Money-wise, I think you would spend no more to FLY to a resort area like Puerta Vallarta than you will spend renting a car.

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