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Tijuana Baja California Weather

James asks…

What’s the weather like in Ensenada, Mexico in December? I’m going there for a cruise.?

Tijuana answers:

I am of Rosarito Baja’s Beaches California to 40 min of Low Inlet California, am between(among) Inlet and Tijuana, and the climate is fresh, can that this between(among) 8grados centigrades or shaft 15 degrees, it is said that we have Mediterranean climate.
For this time already to begun the winter. Here snow does not fall down, if your crusero goes to Mazatlan and Acapulco, these places are mas warm.

But if it(he,she) goes in the northern part, The United States is fresh also.

I hope that it(he,she) serves my information you.


Chris asks…

Can someone help me translate this to french?

I have a small presentation in my french class but honestly I had such a hard time and such a busy semester that my knowledge in that subject is close to none, I am looking for help from someone who speaks french and that is willing to help me it would help me more than you know! any suggestions are welcome, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Hello class, I would like to introduce myself, my name Is Nadia, I am from Mexicali Baja California. I live in Tijuana with my family. My dad is Ray, he was born in La Paz, he is 45 years old he married my mom when he was 21. My mom’s name is Mary, she was born in Mexicali. I was born when she was 20 years old. When I turned 4 my little sister was born, her name is Priscilla and since the beginning she has been crazy, she has crazy moods but at the same time she can be really sweet, when she wants. We have 5 dogs and 1 fish, pets are a really important part of my family. My family, friends and boyfriend are the most important part of my life because they are what make me happy. Right now I am 22 years old; my major is child development someday hopefully soon I want to be a preschool teacher, someone that can make a difference in children early life. My favorite things in life and hobbies are music, movies, books and video games. I love going to Disneyland, the movies, the beach and cold, COLD weather and everything that is Disney related. I am outgoing with people that really know me, I can be really sweet and nice just don’t take advantage of that, I hate lies and waiting! My favorite subjects are NOT math, biology, history, geography but I have to take them in order to get my associates degree. This is just a small part of my life, thanks for listening, good luck and happy holiday’s class!

Tijuana answers:

Bonjour la classe, je tiens à me présenter, je m’appelle Nadia, je viens de Mexicali Basse-Californie.
J’habite à Tijuana avec ma famille. Mon père est Ray, il est né à La Paz, il est de 45 ans il a épousé ma mère quand il était de 21. Le nom de ma mère est Marie, elle est née à Mexicali. Je suis né quand elle avait 20 ans. Quand j’ai tourné 4 ma petite sœur est née, son nom est Priscilla et depuis le début, elle a été folle, elle a l’humeur folle, mais en même temps, elle peut être très doux, quand elle veut.
Nous avons 5 chiens et 1 poisson, les animaux sont une partie très importante de ma famille. Ma famille, les amis et son copain sont la partie la plus importante de ma vie parce qu’ils sont ce que me rendre heureux. En ce moment je suis 22 ans, mon principal est le développement des enfants un jour, bientôt, espérons que je veux être enseignante au préscolaire, quelqu’un qui peut faire une différence dans la vie des enfants au début. Mes objets préférés dans la vie et hobbies sont la musique, des films, des livres et des jeux vidéo. J’adore aller à Disneyland, le cinéma, la plage et le froid, le froid et tout ce qui est associés à Disney. Je suis sociable avec les gens qui me connaissent vraiment, je peux être vraiment doux et agréable tout simplement pas profiter de cela, je déteste le mensonge et d’attente! Mes matières préférées sont PAS mathématiques, biologie, histoire, géographie, mais je dois les prendre pour obtenir mon diplôme associés. C’est juste une petite partie de ma vie, merci pour l’écoute, bonne chance et joyeuses fêtes de classe!
There ya go 🙂

Joseph asks…

Visiting Rosarito in January?

I’m thinking of taking a trip with my husband in January for MLK holiday.
Has anyone been during this time? Wondering if it’ll be fun down there..
Obviously MLK had nothing to do with Mexico. I mean because it’s a 3 day weekend. I know there won’t be a celebration down in Mexico, I mean is it a good season to go down there.

Tijuana answers:

I have been down to Rosarito, Baja California with my wife in September when the weather was still warm. Rosarito/Tijuana has basically the same coastal weather as southern California up to Santa Maria/Santa Barbara. In my neighborhood, the coldest month will be in January, but if you’re just staying close to the main drag where the shops and small hotels are, you should be fine. We went to visit there and the beaches where the long pier and the horse rides were also. I left you some websites about the weather and Rosarito itself, for you and your husband to review.

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