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Tijuana Baja California Zip Code

James asks…

what is an address for tijuana, baja california?

Tijuana answers:

The common format for an Adress in Tijuana is as follows:
Supposse you live in a street called Acapulco and your number is 99, then the area of the city you live is Otay

First line name,
Second Street and number
Third neighboorhood
Fourth city, abreviation of state, zip code

John Smith
Avenida Acapulco #99
Colonia Otay
Tijuana, BC 21400

Maria asks…

What is the TIJ airport address?

(Tijana International Airport)

Tijuana answers:

Tijuana International Airport
Carretera Internacional
Tijuana Baja California
Zip code 22300

John asks…

who goes to tj? whats the zip code there?

Tijuana answers:

There are many go to this website.


In the Estado menu select “Baja California”
In the Municipio box type “Tijuana”
Then hit the “Buscar” button

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