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Tijuana Mexico

Daniel asks…

can i travel to Tijuana Mexico without a passport?

i am planning to travel to Tijuana Mexico by land these holidays and i was wondering if I need a passport or can i just use my California ID.

Tijuana answers:

Yes, you need a passport or other compliant document. There’s a DHS web page that tells you what documents the officers at the border checkpoints will accept. (A drivers license doesn’t do the trick any longer.)

Charles asks…

I need to know how to travel to Tijuana, Mexico or anywhere close to Tijuana by the metro in Lancaster, Ca?

I have tried to find out how to get from Lancaster, Ca to Tijuana, Mexico but I can’t can someone help me please?

Tijuana answers:

Go to san diego, switch to the red car.

Jenny asks…

Can I go to Tijuana, Mexico from California by using my school ID or do I need a passport?

I’m going with my familia to Tijuana, Mexico just to buy some medicine. I don’t have a passport do I need a passport to go to and from Tijuana, Mexico. Or can I just use my school I.D. or my birth certificate. Thanks if you can answer. Muchos gracias.

Tijuana answers:

The passport is at present a prerequisite for flights into Mexico.

Using land travel you are still good to go with proof of citizenship like the birth certificate (original or certified copy) and proof of ID like the driver’s license. People aged 18 years and below may just provide proof of citizenship.

After June 1, 2009 this will change and you will need a passport, passport card, or enhanced driver’s license denoting the citizenship for land and sea travel to Mexico.


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