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Susan asks…

can you fly with an expired passport from tijuana mexico to a state in mexico?

My mom is planning to go to mexico in a few weeks, her passport is expired & a friend of hers told her that it will be okay traveling with an expired passport if she departs from tijuana mexico, Is this true???

Tijuana answers:

No, an expired passport is any more valid than have no passport at all.
You state you have an expired one. She should have plenty of time in a few weeks to get another one.
Have her go to the post office get the renewal for, or download it and fill it out and meet all criteria about pictures, payments, etc.

See URL below, give it to her or help her with this part.

Betty asks…

What month is the cheapest to fly to Tijuana, Mexico (summer/winter)?

Vancouver, Canada TO Tijuana Mexico

thank you 🙂 the airfair right now is about 1000 which is alot for me would it be better to travel in winter? or would it be more expensive because not alot of people are going then and they need to make money?

Tijuana answers:

Tijuana Airport only has international flights to Asia.
Fly to San Diego
Get off the stop on BROADWAY at KETTNER (14 minutes)

Get off the stop at SAN YSIDRO TROLLEY STATION (45 minutes).

Have some small American banknotes (smaller than $20). It may have changed recently, but you can’t use credit cards on San Diego mass transit.
You can get pesos in TJ from the ATM, but American banknotes are widely used. Once again have small bills since change is difficult to get in Mexico.

Walk across the border (it’s a long walk so be prepared with your suitcase). You have to go up a long ramp and cross Interstate 5 in the USA- down a long ramp and through a maze to get into Tijuana. After you emerge you will be greeted by dozens of blue and yellow cabs.

If you see a “Taxi Libre” in TJ it’s a metered cab that the Mexicans use. These are very inexpensive and highly desirable but they are difficult to find near the border. They can be hard to flag down on the street since they are often full.

There is a 3rd type of taxi in TJ called a “taxi la ruta” which is a city owned cab (a station wagon) which functions like a bus. It’s not a private cab and it can’t deviate from it’s route. They are color coded for their route. If you are walking down a major highway, you can bet that these cabs will stay on that highway for some distance.

Hotel Hacienda Del Rio is reasonable four star hotel that will provide you accomodations similar to a Holiday Inn Express. It’s one of the Baja Inn hotels (see source). Five star hotels in Tijuana are surprisingly expensive.

You will probably find cheaper airfare to Los Angeles, but the airport to train station to San Diego is somewhat annoying and will use up most of the money you saved. If you do go that route the train station is very close to the Broadway and Kettner stop on the trolley line that I mentioned earlier.

William asks…

are there any moving rental trucks that can send my stuff to tijuana mexico?

i live in los angeles c.a and i am moving to tijuana mexico but i want to take all of my things like my bed t.v furniture and more but i will need to rent a truck .
are there any rental trucks that could take all my things from los angeles to tijuana???

Tijuana answers:

Yes Jess , there is of course a service for everything. You have a number of options to consider. You could look around for a rental truck as they are now allowing and insuring such concepts as there is a growing demand.
There are specialists, too numerous to mention.
You may want to look for a moving service in your local paper and make inquiries.
Notwithstanding immigation policies and other issues.

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