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Tijuana Mexico

Richard asks…

How do you make your phone number private in Mexico?

I live in Tijuana Mexico and I want to call someone in Ensenada Mexico. I want my number to show up as private though. How do i do that?

Tijuana answers:

You go to the TELNOR office and tell them you want your number to NOT be published in the phone book, and they offer that service with an extra fee.

Also you tell them you want your number to be private so when somebody looks up the number they don;t get your info (Name).

Good Luck

Thomas asks…

how can i know somebody in Mexico is certified to do surgeries?

A friend of mine got some cosmetic surgeries done for a good price in Tijuana Mexico
put I want to make sure she’s certified. Any website i can go to?

Tijuana answers:


Just write her name and select Baja California…

Mark asks…

I am planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico in June. Do you think that it is safe to go right now?

I have heared that there have been many kidnappings happening lately in Mexico, which i thought were happening deep in Mexico(Tijuana, Mexico City,,etc) but have they been going on in Cabo San Lucas as well? We are not planning on leaving the tourist area, but is it still safe in the tourist are? Do you think it will be safe to go in June? Need some advice on this. Thanks.

Tijuana answers:

You are being a victim of bad advertising. It is completely safe in Cabo. I assume you’re going by plane. You’ll be staying in a hotel and as long as you keep to the tourist side (beaches, bars and shops) there is nothing to worry about. All the drug cartels are on other places. It is just as safe as Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. All places that rock on the spring break. Just take care not to get too intoxicated as to be prey to anybody else.
Have fun!

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