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Tijuana Mexico

James asks…

how much does it cost to transfer mexico license plate to california?

i bought a cheap car in tijuana, mexico and i was just wondering how much would it cost me to transfer the license plates from mexican to california.

Tijuana answers:

Most cheap cars purchased in Mexico do not meet the emissions requirements for the U.S., especially California. If you were a CA resident when you purchased it and it does not meet CA requirements, then you probably cannot do the transfer to CA, at any price. If it does not meet the requirements for the other 49 states either, then you definitely cannot. If the vehicle meets the requirements for the other 49 states, then it may be possible under certain circumstances, such as if you were not a CA resident when you made the purchase. However, this is unlikely. Even if the vehicle met U.S. Requirements when it was manufactured, it might not anymore, because using foreign gasoline (except Canadian) affects catalytic converters in a way that causes the vehicles to stop meeting U.S. Requirements. (Gas sold in the U.S. And Canada is specially formulated not to cause this problem.)

Ruth asks…

How can I get high school diploma in Tijuana?

My husband is from Mexico and never got his high school diploma and would like to. Does anyone know where he can go to school to get this in Tijuana Mexico and how much it costs?

Tijuana answers:

There is no on-line schools for Mexico, as far as I know.
Have him do his studying in Colorado, and get his GED for the United States. (Your profile indicates that you live there, and I assume he is living with you.)

Jenny asks…

Can somebody explain how to use Wifi in Mexico?

I am going to be staying in Tijuana, Mexico in a hotel that has complimentary wifi. I’ve never used wifi, and I want to get a laptop to use while recovering from surgery in bed. Will I be able to use wifi on my laptop lying in bed, or will I have to be hooked up at a portal and sitting next to that portal?

Also, what equipment will I need other than the laptop?

Tijuana answers:

Your laptop should already have a wireless card (receiver/transmitter). It’s standard on laptops now. Just ask the front desk for the name of the network to connect to and if there’s a code to protect the network. You do not need to plug into anything. Just have your power cord ready if the battery is low. Mexico even uses the same electrical system as the U.S., so you don’t need an adapter for your electronic stuff.

Go to a computer store and have them help you find a laptop that fits your wants/needs. Windows/Mac, it won’t make any difference for the wireless connection.

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