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Tijuana Mexico

Ruth asks…

What are some sexual tourism areas on the Beach’s of Tijuana?

Looking to travel to Tijuana Mexico for sexual tourism and want to know, what are some good areas of the beach’s of Tijuana?

Tijuana answers:

Hey Andrew,
T.J. Doesn’t have what you are asking for. Why not try Ensenada ? I’m sure you will find something. . .

Donald asks…

Is it cheaper if I drive across the border into Mexico to do my grociery shopping?

I live in San Diego, CA where everything you buy is very expensive including groceries. If I drive into Tijuana, Mexico to do my shopping, would I save any money? Are groceries any cheaper there? I know the food quality is a lot less there so is it better to just spend the extra money and do my shopping here in the good ol’ USA?

Tijuana answers:

I believe groceries cost about the same in Mexico as in the U.S., except for fruits and veggies which are cheaper…but you would not be allowed to take them into the U.S. I am an American living in Mexico, and bread, milk, canned goods, cereal,…many products are the same price as in the states….in the big grocery stores and Walmart. And you would probably have to pay duty on anything orver $50.00 worth

Linda asks…

Does anyone know if you have to declare cremains at the international border from Mexico?

My husband is bringing home his father’s cremains and he is flying in to Tijuana, Mexico and crossing the border into the US with his father’s cremains. Does he have to let the customs agents know he has the urn? Will there be any problems? I tried checking on the customs website and there is nothing about this. Anybody know? Thanks.

Tijuana answers:

Yes, he can bring the remains in, and no, he shouldn’t have any particular problems at the border. There are health permits and death certificates required to transport a corpse, but not for the cremated remains.

He’s also allowed to fly with remains, but should expect airports to x-ray the container.

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