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Tijuana Mexico

David asks…

HOW do i find a website that has phone listings with numbers to cities in mexico?

I am trying to look up a business phone number in tijuana mexico how can i access this information?

Tijuana answers:

Same way you do it here: Yellow Pages.
In Mexico, the phone directory is called Seccion Amarilla (yellow section), here’s the link:
The first space is for the business name, the one below is for the city name.

Sandra asks…

Why is gasoline so much cheaper in Mexico?

I live in San Diego, where gas goes for about $4.50-$4.80 right now. If you drive into Tijuana, Mexico, gas is as cheap as $1.79. Why the difference?

Tijuana answers:

Actually the simple answer is that the government of Mexico is subsidizing the price of gasoline so that the citizens of Mexico won’t have to pay over a certain amount for their gas. Look it up in the news. People from the U.S. Cross into Mexico just to fill up their tanks.

Sharon asks…

Do I need a Mexian visa/permit when traveling to Tijuana, Mexico for U.S. Visa stamping?

I am planning to go to Tijuana, Mexico for my H1B visa stamping. Do i need a mexico visa/permit to enter mexico. If yes, where do i get the Mexico permit/Visa? I live in San Francisco and which is the nearest consulate for me? Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Yes u shud have visiting visa to mexico unless you are an american citizen

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