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Tijuana Mexico

Paul asks…

If i have property in Mexico and will be filing divorce do i still get 50%?

i have a home in Tijuana Mexico and my husband and I will be filing for irreconsilble differences does CA law apply to property acquired outside of the US? please e-mail me and let me know. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

That is for the lawyers to figure out…. Good luck

Mary asks…

do I need a passport if I am going to travel from mexico to mexico?

I’m an american citizen and i am going to travel from tijuana, mexico to la paz mexico, do i need a passport to travel by plane?

Tijuana answers:

As of March 10th foreigners need a passport to go beyond the border zone
You will not be given the required FMT at the border or at the airport as of March 10th 2010.
Because Tijuana is in the border zone , technically it is an international flight for foreigners.

George asks…

I need to catch a bus from Tijuana, Mexico to Chiapas, mexico, can anyone tell me where the bus terminal is?

i would like to catch a bus from Tijuana, Mexico to Chiapas, Mexico. can anyone tell me where the bus terminal is in Tijuana and if they have there schedules and routes posted online? Also a plus would be if you have a phone number there to call including the country code and area code. Thank you

Tijuana answers:

To answer your question directly about Tijuana and not take away from Jim2’s answer (l like the way he answers questions) it’s on the corner of Calzada Lazaro Cardenas and Rio Alamar, just down the road from the Tijuana Airport. You can also take a taxi from “La Linea” down the Via Rapida & then north on the road to the Airport and it will be there on the right hand side before you get to the airport. Also I know Tres Estrellas de Oro will take you from Los Angeles to the Tijuana Airport for about $40. You can also look at bing maps and type-in Camionera Central, Tijuana, Mexico.

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