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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Sandy asks…

I want to go to Tijuana by car can I go?

I going to southern mexico in about a week and am flying from Tijuana. The Day i leave i will be taking a a bus from where I live all the way to the airport in Tijuana. I know i need to get a tourist visa at the border. I was thinking on going on car and getting to avoid a hassle on the day I actually leave. The car am going in belongs to my brother can I still use it?

Tijuana answers:

As I understand it, you are asking if you can drive across the border to the airport, park your brother’s car, and take the plane?

The hassle you are avoiding is… Taking the bus?

As far as driving a car into Tijuana and back, there is no problem with that. All the other talk about permits is untrue that close to the border. You can drive any car across into Tijuana, and return to the USA with no complications. Yes, you should have insurance or be willing to take a risk. If you get into a wreck, it is a big risk.

As far as hassles though, I think it is far simpler to take the bus to Tijuana, and then catch a taxi to the airport. The taxi should be $5-$10 at most. There is a booth there where you can buy the ticket and pay a fair price. If not, ask the taxi drivers in advance.


Jenny asks…

Do i need a passport to go to Tijuana?

I am going to Tijuana, Mexico Tomorrow.
I know a driver’s licence is enough, but I heard a friend said the law changed and a passport is now required….
so do i really need to bring a passport?
ps. I am US citizen

Tijuana answers:

Current requirements:

MEXICO – *Passport, or proof of citizenship (such as original birth certificate or naturalization certificate) and photo ID. Tourist card is required. Tourist card valid 3 months for single entry up to 180 days, $20 fee, requires proof of U.S. Citizenship, photo ID, and proof of sufficient funds. Visa not required of U.S. Citizens for tourist/transit stay of up to 30 days. Obtain tourist cards in advance from Consulate, Tourism Office, and most airlines serving Mexico upon arrival. Departure tax $10 is paid at airport when not included in the cost of the airline ticket. Notarized consent from parent(s) required for children under age 18 traveling alone, with one parent, or in someone else’s custody. For additional information, check with the Embassy of Mexico, 1911 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20006 (202/736-1000) or nearest Consulate General: AZ (602/242-7398), CA (213/351-6800, 415/392-5554 and 619/231-8414), CO (303/331-1110), FL (305/716-4977), GA (404/266-1913), IL (312/855-1380), LA (504/522-3596), NY (212/217-6400), PR (809/764-0258) or TX (210/227-1085, 214/630-7341, 713/542-2300, 512/478-9031 and 915/533-4082). Internet:

new requirements:

New Requirements for Travelers

The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 requires that by January 1, 2008, travelers to and from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Mexico and Canada have a passport or other secure, accepted document to enter or re-enter the United States. In order to facilitate the implementation of this requirement, the Administration is proposing to complete it in phases following a proposed timeline, which will be published in the Federal Register in the near future.

In the proposed implementation plan, which is subject to a period of initial public comment, the Initiative will be rolled out in phases, providing as much advance notice as possible to the affected public to enable them to meet the terms of the new guidelines. The proposed timeline will be as follows:

December 31, 2006 – Requirement applied to all air and sea travel to or from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.
December 31, 2007 – Requirement extended to all land border crossings as well as air and sea travel.
This is a change from prior travel requirements and will affect all United States citizens entering the United States from countries within the Western Hemisphere who do not currently possess valid passports. This new requirement will also affect certain foreign nationals who currently are not required to present a passport to travel to the United States. Most Canadian citizens, citizens of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, and to a lesser degree, Mexican citizens will be affected by the implementation of this requirement.

Sharon asks…

How can i go from San Diego airport to US – Mexico border in San Ysidro, i finally wanto to go to Tijuana?

How can i go from San Diego airport to US – Mexico border in San Ysidro, i finally wanto to go to Tijuana.
I am arriving at Terminal 2 and then i need to go to Tijuana, i can take cab but it will cost arround 50$, i want to try train or bus this time. is any one can help me ? And how far the border is from the last train stop in San Ysidro? Is it walkable?


Tijuana answers:

I am not sure if it’s economical, but you can see how much a cab would cost using

Actually, you may want to look into if the cabs can go over the board, huh?

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