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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Nancy asks…

Can I pass to Mexico without my passport?

I’m a born US citizen and I recently sent my passport to get renewed and I was wondering if I could cross to Mexico without my passport. The only thing I have is my social security, my birth certificate was sent with my passport.

Tijuana answers:

If you go by land, you can do it without a passport. Mexico isn’t the issue, you have to be sure you can get back into the U.S. If you go by land, you can walk across into Mexico without any inspection or visa or documents, as long as you stay in the border towns.

So if you want to go further into the interior, you can fly to San Diego, take the trolley to the border, walk across, take a taxi to Tijuana, and fly from there (e.g., Volaris is a low cost Mexican airline). You can get a Mexican tourist visa at the airport and they are required if you are going more than a certain distance from the border.

Maria asks…

Iam going to mexico city in a couple of hours from san diego?

Okay so iam really scared of flying and iam about to fly tommorow with volaris does anyone know if its not safe or is volaris a good airline to fly with?

Tijuana answers:

I didn’t find any record of the accident mentioned by the previous answerer.

Volaris is a new airline that started in March 2006. The oldest aircraft in its fleet is a 12-year-old US-registered Airbus A319. Having 11 aircraft registered in the US means that it has to conform to US safety standards. The average age of the whole fleet is only 4.5 years, so most aircraft are almost new. In fact, the airline received eight aircraft in the last 12 months, five of which are new.

The airline’s fleet is composed of Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft. No aircraft of such types crashed in Mexico since Volaris was established. The only twomajor incidents recorded in Mexico for A320s were in 1996 and 2000 before Volaris was established. The first one only involved actual airline operation, as the latter happened during refueling. The most serious safety incident that was faced by Volaris was in January 2010 when an A320 lost an engine cowling after takeoff from Tijuana. The aircraft returned safely to the airport with no harm to anybody.

Generally, I see no problem in flying with this airline. I think the airline is a good one that is gaining more and more share in the Mexican market.

James asks…

Can I cross the border and fly out of Tijuana to Cancun?

I want to attend a friend’s wedding in Cancun next month. I’m a filipino citizenship residing in Los Angeles. I lost my philippine passport and only have my greencard at the moment. With the current law, a passport is now required to fly from US to Mexico/Canada. Can I walk across the border in Tijuana and fly out of Tijuana airport to Cancun without any problem? I heard that’s still ok but only until the end of this year. After that, there’ll be a new law requiring a valid passport to cross the Tijuana border by foot….

Tijuana answers:

You need the passport to come back to the US, not to enter Mexico. If you walk, according to what is being done right now, there should be no problem. You need your visa (or green card) and a photo Id.

You can find more info here:

I´m sorry, people from the Filipines need a visa in order to enter Mexico (not only your passport). You need to go to an embassy and get your immigration form, you would need your green card and passport .


good luck.

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