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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Mary asks…

Is there any direct flights from Philippines to Latin America without stopover in the overreacting USA?

Lot of beautiful countries in latin america where philippine passport can bring me there for tourist or visit…

Tijuana answers:

You might be able to fly on Philippines Airlines via Vancouver, Canada. From there, you could fly to Mexico City, and the rest of Latin America, while avoiding the visa requirements (C-1 Transit Visa) of the U.S. Government. Finding a flight from Vancouver to Mexico without a U.S. Stopover might be difficult however, and you might have to fly from Vancouver to Toronto to get direct routes to Latin America. But that would require a Canadian tourist visa, since you will no longer be in “sterile transit” in the Canadian airport.

Another option is to travel from Tokyo to Mexico City on Aeromexico, operated by Japan Airlines. You can also fly via Aeromexico from Shanghai to Mexico City via Tijuana.

But you can’t blame the U.S. For instituting visa requirements for transiting passengers. After all, if most of the world is intent on blowing you up, it seems rational to want to screen them before they get over your airspace, don’t you think?

Nancy asks…

Has anyone started a carpoool from Los Angeles to Guadalajara?

I need the cheapest way to travel to Guadalajara (in December) This is key because it’s very expensive in this time. I think I’m going to start a carpool service.

Tijuana answers:

I doubt it would be worth your while because it’s fairly easy to catch low-cost buses into the interior of Mexico, there’s low-cost flights available via the Tijuana airport, and because if you look around you can sometimes find rides posted on rideshare boards (like the one on craigslist: To drive from L.A. To Guadalajara is a very long ride and you can’t drive it as cheap as a bus ticket and the hassle factor makes it unlikely you’d find a reliable stream of riders.

Just my opinion….

Laura asks…

How much for taxi ride from tijuana bus station to tijuana airport?

Tijuana answers:

Yep right around $10.00 dollars.
If you are from Marietta, Georgia as your profile indicates, you will need to have your passport and FMM to fly from there. Unless you have a green card.
FMMs are not issued on the domestic flights from one part of Mexico to another part. You must buy it at the border.

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