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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Maria asks…

Americans what was your first impression of Mexico after crossing the border?

and the second

Tijuana answers:

Depends upon what border crossing you are talking about?

Via, Land, Air, or Sea?

Via land when crossing from San Diego into Tijuana it can be depressing and it can smell bad to my senses.

However I keep going back there because it is Tijuana.

Now when I cross the border from El Paso into Cd. Juarez I think to myself. Everything here on both sides of the border is ugly. It is not the people but the location. Like being on Mars or someplace out of this world.

When flying in, it is nice. Mexico City Airport is now very modern and welcoming. Except for the long walk from the gates to the Customs. Oh yeah, the bathroom stalls are made for people of 28 inch waist or smaller. Well seems like to me and my fat behind.

No as to entering by Sea. I have never done that.

If I did not like Mexico I would not continue to go there.

Lisa asks…

Whats the best strategy for change in Mexico?

I visited the Mexican town of Agua Prieta with my friend Pasquali. We stopped there to watch the vaqueros train horses. I understand Chip Sugar, famous Horse Whisperer, of Hawley, Texas once helped out here. These are some of the finest young cowboys I have ever seen. Their ability to train and ride horses is uncanny. I got talked into buying a young Stallion and I have decided to call him Chingadero, because I don’t think he will get real big and is a little ornery. He will fetch many times his cost here in the U.S. to benefit charity and they can call him whatever they want.

I don’t know much about horses much past what end to feed, however I do know a great deal about people. What I don’t understand is how Mexico with its abundant resources and human capital can screw things up so bad?
These people scratch out a living with next to nothing and maintain a spirit of resilience and compassion that is rare even under ideal circumstances. I have little doubt that with effort, care and leadership they would prosper in many ways.

Isn’t it about time for change in Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

1) Invest in schools and education
2) Invest in infrastructure (Mexico is rich in natural resources. Build/improve airports, buildings, roads, bridges, oil rigs, oil drills, etc)
3) Invest in technology research (they import tech that is several years old)
4) Change government (Fox has started to do this, however it will take a very long time. Calderon has promised to continue his efforts)
5) Fix the tax system, it is a million times worse than ours (not everyone pays taxes and expects social services)
6) Promote investment in business (preferrably domestic, then foreign)
7) Catholic church needs to stop condemning birth control (if you cant feed and educate your children, dont have them)
8) Control drug cartels (cant eliminate, too much demand in the US. However, government could reduce homocides by striking accords. Yes, yes, I know its not moral but they must face reality)
9) Government needs to pay its employees decent wages to fight corruption. Outside of Congress government workers need to steal or take bribes to make ends meet. Government also needs to punish corruption to the fullest extent.
10) Eliminate that whole “We are a mestizo nation” bullshit or any racial reference for that matter. Some Mexicans are more racist than the KKK. Spread ideals such as those in this great country of ours, for example: One nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all
11) Legal system needs a major overhaul, some laws date back to colonial times. In Mexico, everyone is guilty until proven innocent
12) Clean up its image. Mexico is beautiful folks, dont let all the negative comments about how trashy and dirty it is fool you. Most of these folks form their opinion after visiting Tijuana or some other border town. Mexico needs to change the perception of many folks.
13) Embrace the poor native americans of southern Mexico. Mexico was founded by the natives and their civilization was destoryed by the Spanish. The government, but most importantly, Mexican citizens need to lift their spirits, get them out of poverty, and convince them to assimilate into the new nation is has become. Eliminate the dividing lines and grow as a nation
14) Responsible fiscal policy

I could go on and on. The above is a good starting point and should create jobs.

Sandy asks…

do you need a passport for travel if your leaving from mexico?

im from san diego flying out of tijuana to oaxaca i dont have a passport but i do have a california ID will the airport allow me to fly?

Tijuana answers:

Absolutely Not. You can walk across and stay in TJ for a while without any ID. When you enter the Airport you need a Passport Book.
Here is the thing about the Border Zone. Mexicans would be putting a final nail in their own coffins to deny Visitors to the impoverished Bordertowns. They want visitors to spend money in the Free Zone…Created to Mexico`s advantage. Mexican bordertowns were created and exist on visitors Dollars. Then there is the US demand for their dope.
You can NOT circumvent the International travel requirement for a Passport Book……….Don`t waste your Money.
Anyone that has attempted to do that is too embarrassed to admit their stupidity here of course.
I am telling you flat out Bud………it can`t be done!!!

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