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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Donna asks…

what are the airport fees for tijuana airport?

if you are not a mexican citizen how much is the fee?

Tijuana answers:

The airport fees are included in the ticket.

If you are trying to fly from Tijuana because you do not have a passport, you will not be able to.
You will need a passport and you will need to buy an FMM because FMMs are only provided free for people that are arriving by air from outside Mexico.

Sharon asks…

Could you name an airline “International Airlines”?

OK, so one day I may want to start an airline. The only name idea I have is “International Airlines”. Would that be an acceptable name, or would there be a problem? Because it seems like a really obvious name but It isn’t (and I think) hasn’t been used.

Tijuana answers:

Actually, I recall – some 30 years ago an airplane marked “International” –
That was the only name on the airplane – it was a Boeing 720 –
Probably operated then by a non-scheduled carrier, or air travel club –

The name might still be available – just register it for your future use –
In USA, they like everything to be “lnternational” –
(even if crossing the border is no further than Tijuana, Mexico) –

And call it “International Cargo” if you deal with cocaine import/export –

Is like “Podunk International Airport” –
Makes the grass runway and airfield more important –

Same story about “French food” or “French fashion” –
Anything named “French” will sell better in USA – even if made in… China –
But remember that French fries, in fact, are really… Belgian –

David asks…

Has anyone recently travel with Volaris airlines?

if anyone has travel with this airline please give me your opinions. I just planned a trip to Leon gto. mexico, and i bought tickets with this airline.

Any comments about this airline, their service.

Tijuana answers:

Probably one of the better airlines right now. I particularly like them because they usually have their own bus system to pick you up from neighboring cities. For example, in mexico ciy, their buses pick you up in mexico city and take you all the way out to the toluca airport for free.

In san diego i think they even have a bus that takes you to tijuana to their airport – but check on that, that may have changed since a year ago.

What im basically saying is that they are very eager to please being one of the ‘new’ boys on the block

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