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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Lizzie asks…

Where do I find driving directions to Mexico?

I need specific driving directions from San Diego, CA to the Tijuana International Airport (Mexico) Suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Guia Roji makes the best maps. You can get them at books stores or Amazon

Jenny asks…

If I take a domestic flight from Tijuana to Mexico City and then to Canada, do I need a tourist card?

I have a passport as an American citizen, but do I need the tourist card (FMT) to fly from Tijuana to Mexico City and then Canada.

I wont be leaving the airport in Mexico City, just taking a connecting flight.
I’ve never been asked for one, and I have left Mexico dozens of times, however never flying, always walking. Is that why they would ask for it?

On the plane they’ll give it to me even though it is a domestic flight from one Mexican city to another?

Tijuana answers:

You have to clear Mexican Immigration and Customs at the airport in Tijuana before you can board your flight. They are located on the concourse in between the metal detector at the concourse entrance and the gate area.
You can get the FMT form at the airport. If you ask, you can get it at the airline counter when you get your boarding pass.

Daniel asks…

Best way to travel from OC airport to Tijuana airport?

I need to get to Tijuana airport from Orange County. I don’t want to drive and can’t afford a taxy. Is there a shuttle service or Bus directly to the airport. I hate to cross the border on foot to change Busess.Pls any suggestions?????

Tijuana answers:

Can’t you take a flight? Bus to San Diego and take the street car to the border, then…cross on foot, it isn’t that bad at all, I have done it many times. Taxi to Airport. Fix the fare BEFORE getting into the cab. I don’t think there is a bus from border to airport. Only the wealthy fly in Mexico and wealthy don’t ride the stinking bus.

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