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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Lisa asks…

How much does it cost for a roundtrip ticket to mexico?

I live in Washington state. Shelton, WA to be exact and would be leaving from the Seattle, WA airport.

Tijuana answers:

Your question can have several answers because there are some variables…destination in Mex and when you want to travel. If you wanted to fly to/from Huatulco next week the flight would cost a lot more than a flight to Tijuana in 2 months. A destination with an ocean beach or one in the interior?

Prices for flights tend to slowly rise about a month before the flight and continue until flight day. Distance is another important factor. Holidays also can increase costs.

I chose the 2nd week of April as your date. These are on the Pacific Ocean:

SEA / SJD in Baja California, MX there are several airlines with a $418.66 roundtrip price.

SEA / PVR…Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico has several airlines with a $425.63 roundtrip price.

SEA / HUX…Huatulco is very close to Guatemala a few airlines with a $581.57 rountrip price

The interior has several choices:

SEA/ GDL…Guadalajara has many deals at $434.27

SEA / MEX…the capital of Mexico has 1 combination of flights for $406.20 roundtrip price

The Gulf of Mexico has several locations for both exploring and beach escapes:

SEA / CZM…Cozumel wil cost $506.12 roundtrip

SEA / CUN…Cancun will cost $501.42 roundtrip

Nancy asks…

Im traveling to mexico, what airport should should i use?

I am traveling to mexico and i could either use LAX or Tijuana airport. I live in between so traveling to the airport is no problem. I have looked at their rates and their about the same, my question is that would LAX have higher fees than TIJ airport? I havent traveled in a while and dont know about the fees especially for the baggage fees i have heard in LAX. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

If you are traveling to Mexico from the US, the Mexican government slaps a big 9/11 security fee, last time it was $75 for me. Try a new Mexican airline; Volaris, cheaper fares on Tuesdays from what I’ve been told. Link:

Paul asks…

how do i book a flight from mexico from california ?

Finally going to meet my grandparents but im having a hard time finding airline tickets.
I have never been to an airport or been on a plane.
Is there a website where i can book their tickets?
What are the diffrent international airports?
Trying to find a flight from Uruapan Airport in mexico to San Jose california or Fresno.

Tijuana answers:

The only airline that offers commercial service from Uruapan Airport is Volaris, which only offers flights from there to Tijuana — there is no direct or indirect air service from that airport to any airport in the US.

There are two options, however, in utilizing Volaris’s services to get from Uruapan to either San Jose or Fresno:

1) Volaris, in addition to their plane services, also offers bus services from certain locations, according to the information on their website. You can board a bus in Tijuana that will take you to many California cities, including Fresno. These tickets can be booked from Volaris’s website

2) If you can find ground transportation from Uruapan to Toluca, then it’s possible to fly on Volaris from Toluca to San Jose (with a single stop in Guadalajara). Again, these tickets can be booked directly from Volaris’s website, which is the second link below.

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