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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Linda asks…

how many airports are there in Tijuana?

so im going from tijuana to Mexico city. Due to an ridiculous airplane tickets here in LAX, i have to go to TJ on car and from there get a flight from tijuana to mexico city. does anybody know what airports they have in TJ?

Tijuana answers:

General Abelardo L. Rodriguez International Airport. You will fly out of this airport probably on Aeromexico or Mexicana. It is located just over the boarder.

¡hola y bienvenidos a mexico!

Ruth asks… i need a transit visa if i will have a 12hrs stop in japan but with onwards flight?

i have a roundtrip ticket from MNL to TIJUANA,MEXICO and on my way back to MNL i will have a 12hrs stop over in JAPAN due to misconnection b/w 2 airlines that i will be taking.

Tijuana answers:

Transit visa is only required if you leave the airport.
If you’ll do the shopping inside the airport then no need for transit visa.

David asks…

Can I get and pay for a Mexican Tourist Card at the Tijuana airport of do I have to stop just over the border?

I am taking a shuttle to the Tijuana airport and do not want to have to stop just over the border and go to the immigration office to get tourist cards and then pay for them at a bank and then back to the immigration office to get the card stamped and then reload my shuttle to the airport so I am wondering if I can get and pay for and activate a Tourist card at the Tijuana airport?

Tijuana answers:

No If you’re driving, taking the bus or walking into Mexico, you can get a tourist card at the border inspection station/immigration office after showing your id or passport proving your US citizenship. You’ll need to go to a bank to pay for the card (about $20) — it will be stamped to show that you’ve paid. You will then return to the border immigration office to have the card stamped — the stamp shows that you are in the country legally.

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