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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Nancy asks…

How much to hire a charter aircraft from LAX & San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico, 5-10x/wk?

I need to find options for regularly (5-10 times/week) transporting 25-35 upscale American guests from San Diego and greater Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico (85 miles south of the border).

* Ensenada’s airport (ESE) can accommodate turboprop and private jet aircraft.
* ESE serves as an international “port of entry”, meaning passengers from the US can clear directly into Ensenada.

I’m also open to other creative solutions. The travel will “bookend” our guests’ visit, so it must be relaxed and stress free–especially since most guests, rightly or wrongly, have reservations about traveling in Mexico.

(I hope this isn’t TOO much info! But, …)

* 70% of guests are female, 35-55 years old, household income $150k+
* Bus travel is not an option unless it is extraordinarily luxurious; and, unless Tijuana/San Diego border crossing procedure can be quick and efficient (I understand this is unlikely, but perhaps charter buses enjoy streamlined passage?)

Need great research & creativity! Thx!

Tijuana answers:

You might get a volume discount if you are looking to charter that many times. In fact, you should contact a charter operator about a crewed a/c lease for the time period you will be transporting these guests. It will be cheaper than a flight to flight charter.

Contact these S.D. & L.A. Area charter operators for a quote. (You won’t get the true cost for your needs via this forum- you need to go straight to the horses mouth and see what the operator is willing to do for your group.)

Lizzie asks…

What is the best way to travel to Mexico for students trying to save money?

Coming from the Bay Area, either flying out of San Francisco or San Jose. Would like to be near the beach.

Tijuana answers:

Go to San Diego. Take the trolley/cab to the border. Then take a Mexican taxi to the airport in Tijuana. Rent a car there with total insurance. You can drive to Cabo, or find little hideaway resorts on the way that only the locals know about. You will be driving a Mexican car with Mexican plates and insurance. Nobody will spot you as tourists and if anything happens to the car, call the number and they will send you a new one- no worries. Scan the area with Google Earth for ideas on where to go. That is a very inexpensive way to travel in Mexico.

Betty asks…

What permits do i need to travel to mexico?

i am american going to visit family in mexico for about 2 months, i am crossing the border on ground to leave from tijuana international airport and and returning to tijuana airport i want to know what permits do i need when i return

Tijuana answers:

I think you only need a valid visa, passport and ID’s. Mexican territory/immigration isn”t that tight as long as you have the right papers as I stated before.

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