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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Mandy asks…

what’s the easiest way to bring a suitcase into tijuana?

I’ll be flying into San Diego because it is cheaper. I will be going from the airport to a hotel in Tijuana, Mexico for 7-14 days. I was wondering what the easiest way to bring a large suitcase across the border (without me driving) would be. I don’t care if it’s checked since I won’t have anything I’m not supposed to. I’m just looking for the easiest and quickest way with as less hassle as possible.

Tijuana answers:

When I used to walk in and out of Tijuana, I would carry my suitcases (usually two or three) on a metal luggage carrier with long strap-cords that you can buy at a discount store as shown below. (not the ones found at the airports) Since you have a large suitcase, maybe you can purchase those new ones with the wheels built right in at the bottom. I had my third suitcase (usually smaller) slung around my shoulder and body. I usually rode the coach bus from Los Angeles to visit my wife for about nine months and brought those suitcases without once having the Mexican soldiers check them for “contraband”. They were always X-rayed on the way back to San Ysidro by the CBP before rolling them over to the TEO bus station before heading back to Los Angeles.

Daniel asks…

Do I need a passport to go to Tijuana for 2 weeks?

I will be going to Tijuana next week but am worries my passport won’t come on time. I will be going with my mom who was born in Mexico and my sister (we were born in the US) We would be crossing the the border by car and going to the airport in Tijuana to Mexico City. Could I go with maybe just my passport reciept or birth certificate?

Tijuana answers:

Geeez Cole you don`t go trhough US customs or US immigration when you crioss the border going to Mexico.

That said, you can NOT fly to Mexico city from TJ if you are an American citizen without a valid passport. Wtf!!!

Donald asks…

How do I get to Tijuana Airport from San Diego?

I live in San Diego, but I’m planning to go to Mexico and flying from Tijuana is a lot cheaper.Is there a bus I can take from San Diego to Tijuana Airport? Will a Taxi Cab cross the border?
I just found out that if you fly with Volaris they have a shuttle service. I guess I found the answer myself, but I’ll post more about it for the people who may be interested in flying from Tijuana

Tijuana answers:

I was going suggest taking of volaris shuttlles

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