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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Ken asks…

Need advice about Tijuana public transportation?

I am trying to get from the San Diego Airport, to this address: Calle Farallon 121 B, Tijuana, Baja California (a little north of Rosarito, I think).

I want to do so as inexpensively as reasonably possible.

I was planning on taking the SD Trolley to San Ysidro. Then, maybe, taking Mexicoach accross the boarder. After that, I am not sure, maybe Taxi Libre? Although a city bus would probably be a lot cheaper.

Any advice?

Tijuana answers:

I know this question is related to your newer question about the same location north of Rosarito. You can take the SD trolley to San Ysidro, cross to the traffic circle at La Frontera and La Amistad, take the calafias painted red and yellow or the buses (Magallanes) painted white and blue to calle Technologico, across from the university campus, south of the airport, then take the taxi de ruta, which usually are vans to Rosarito and from there take a local bus or taxi libre to your street location, north of Rosarito.
You can also take a calafia from the traffic circle at La Frontera and La Amistad to the 5 y 10 shopping center (centro commercial) and then take a taxi de ruta (last time they where painted green) as the image is here: (says Tijuana Calafia)
down to Rosarito and then take a local bus or taxi libre to your street location, north of Rosarito.
Here below in the first link is what the red and yellow calafias and blue and white Magallanes look like in the 8th and 9th bus picture:
I also included this (modern) picture of what a taxi de ruta should look like in Tijuana: Modern Version. Finally I have included a set route of one of the taxi de ruta from calle Technologico to Rosarito at the bottom. I have researched the other public transportation services to Rosarito but they want to charge between $75-130 USD per person, which is way too expensive. You might need this before Saturday or this weekend, good luck.

George asks…

Do i need a Mexican tourist card to fly through Mexico City on the way to Peru?

I’ve heard you need to obtain a “tourist card” as well as having a pasport to travel past the border zone of Mexico, but do i need one when flying out of Tijuana with a 3 hour layover in Mexico City on my way to Lima, Peru??

Tijuana answers:

Every American citizen or Green Card holder(Non Mexican) needs an FMM and Passport to fly out of the border area to any destination in Mexico. If it is Not already included in your airfare then you may have to buy one at the TJ airport, thhere only $30.00 or so. So I have heard.

Maria asks…

can you fly alcohol in your luggage from tijuana to cabo san lucas ?

I am flying to Cabo San Lucas from Tijuana in a month I waned to know if it was safe to take a bottle of whiskey inside my luggage and there wouldn’t be any trouble at the airport.

Tijuana answers:

I fly with alcoholic beverages in my luggage all the time in Mexico. In the checked luggage. Don’t try to take your bottle in your carry on luggage.

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