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Tijuana Mexico Airport

Mandy asks…

Where is the best public place to wait for a friend coming from Tijuana in Mesa the Otay?

Hi, A friend of mine is coming from Mexico via Tijuana Airport so,hwe is going to cross walking through Mesa de Otay Border. Question? Where is the Best place to wait for him after he cross the border. Thank you. Any Restaurant cross to the Mesa de Otay border ?

Tijuana answers:

There is an IHOP restaurant that would be my first choice, also there are many other little taco shops as well as duty free stores that are all close by

Sharon asks…

Is there long term parking at Tijuana Int. Airport and how much does it cost?

I want to leave my car for ten days in the parking structure at Tijuana International Airport in Mexico. Does anyone know if they can accomodate me and how much it costs per day.

Tijuana answers:

I am in the same situation. Did a research and found that you can do it at the main parking airport for an average of 15 to 20 dollars a day. There is another section just recently opened next to the main structure, cheaper, about 13 dollars a day. Don’t have more info about this new section, but, I believe is not covered.

Donna asks…

Mexico airport security question on flights and procedures?

I am writing a paper for my CRJS graduate class and was wanting to know who regulates security procedures a Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

I am specifically looking at an article where drugs were smuggled under a cargo plane that was flying from AICM to Tijuana. The drugs were believed to be headed to the US.

So my ultimate question is, how are planes in Mexico screened that are coming into the US? Who does the screening? CBP, TSA, etc?

Thanks for your help!!

Tijuana answers:

All international flights to the US are done/seached by CBP in the usa
now in some case like canada -us customs clear the plane in canada before the flight
what is know as preclearance

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